Winners of the Chivalry x Terraria Fan Art Contest

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    The Chivalry x Terraria Fan Art Contest is complete!

    The entries have been simply spellbinding! Fans of Terraria and Chivalry have experimented in their artistry and found the coolest ways to combine the worlds of both our games - from terrifying battles between knights and alien monstrosities to tear-jerking works of decorative beauty.

    We had some truly fierce competition, but only three winners are allowed in this crossover contest. Congratulations to tsract, Sathoryn and PersonaTea.

    Check out our favorites in this imgur gallery.

    First place: tsract

    Prize: $200 Steam wallet, 5 Chivalry Complete Edition keys, All Chivalry cosmetic in-game weapons + armor released so far and 5 Terraria Steam keys.

    Second place: Sathoryn

    Prize: $100 Steam wallet, 2 Chivalry Complete Edition keys and 2 Terraria Steam keys.

    Third place: PersonaTea

    Prize: $50 Steam wallet, 1 Chivalry Complete Edition key and 1 Terraria Steam key.

    Winners will be contacted through Steam and/or the Terraria Forum.

  • Some dope art in the collection :)

  • Wow! These look really good!

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