SDK problem: Non-existing shadow in-game

  • Hello,
    I got a problem with the rendering of shadows in my map. Through SDK the rendering (using Buill All) is perfect. I got UV overlap errors on some staticmeshs, but that would I would be surprised if my problem had been caused by this.
    When I log in game there is no shadow anymore. I tried with the given actors, for instance in the map examples but I got the exact same result.
    Would making a Buill All be sufficient or is there another trick or setting I could add for the lights?
    Thank you in advance.

    In SDK :
    alt text
    In game
    alt text

  • @Greetschin build all tends to work for me, takes a long time but after that, save, then re-cook your map if you’re trying to play it within the game and not SDK.

    I think?

  • This is going to sound stupid, but it could just be your settings in Chivalry. You might have shadows turned off.

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