Mirage lore blog series – Part One, The Cataclysm

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    Part One - The Cataclysm

    In our first lore diary, learn of the fall of the ancient nation of Nankur and the cataclysmic event known as the Dinahn Genesis which brought forth the magic spirits of the Jinn, and reshaped the world.

    The Nation of Nankur
    The genesis of Mirage begins with the fall of an ancient civilization

    The ancient people of Nankur built their fiefdoms along the banks of the river Naban. It was a dark age of warlords, famine and hard labour. According to Bashrahni myth, the Nankur worshipped the four elements Aether, Sulfur, Salt and Mercury. They considered the waters of the Naban sacred because they believed the Naban flowed from the Four Heavens via Mount Nankur. Being near to Mount Nankur and the Four Heavens, it was not uncommon to encounter spirits, which the Nankur called “the Dim”. These spirits were believed to be the recently deceased.

    The Dim were actually shadows of beings from another plane of existence – the Jinnaye. But that was before people understood the Jinnaye and where they came from. To the Nankur, the Dim were regarded with fear because of their perceived closeness to Death.

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    - Mount Nankur, thought to be the gateway to the Four Heavens, was shattered in the events of the Dinahn Genesis -

    The Dinahn Genesis
    Two worlds collide in an event that will shape this nation’s future

    The Nankur woman called Dinah, the first true Alchemist of the Nankur people, loved a Nankur Warlord called Keer. He was killed by a competing lord, and his lands were lost, forcing Dinah to flee into exile within the Nankur Mountains. Being so close to the gateway of the Four Heavens, and so powerful an Alchemist, she attracted a Jinnaye spirit who resembled Keer, and who she assumed was her lover’s ghost. Desperate to have her lover back, Dinah performed powerful alchemy - the likes of which had never been witnessed before - to merge his world and hers, sparking the cataclysm known as the Dinahn Genesis.

    The magic unleashed by the Alchemist Dinah was too powerful to be controlled by a human, and its instability caused the catastrophe that brought down the people of Nankur. This catastrophe has been dubbed “the Dinahn Genesis”, the disaster that sparked the new world order of the Bashrahni. In her effort to reach out and “rescue” the Jinnaye spirit resembling her lover, Dinah’s magic caused a cataclysm that resulted in the worlds of the Dim and her own mortal reality to collide into a single plane.

    What the Nankur believed to be the Four Heavens, the Bashrahni have since come to understand as actually another plane of reality, occupying the same space and time as the human realm. The Bashrahni call this plane “The Sha’ilum”. And the Dim that the Nankur had believed to be spirits of the Dead are actually the beings that existed in this plane, living their own lives, in their own societies much like those of humans. To the Bashrahni, these beings are now known as the Jinnaye. The Dinahn Genesis caused the collision of the mortal plane and The Sha’ilum. Not only did the collision scar the human realm and reduce the city of Nankur to ruins, but it devastated The Sha’ilum. The destruction of the Nankur lead to the building of Bashrahn.

    In the 800 years since its occurrence, the scars of the Dinahn Genesis remain visible to the human realm to this day. The skies above the human realm are filled with mighty rings - the physical evidence of The Sha’ilum puncturing the human realm. And with the collision came the mists of the Aether Sea and the magic of the Jinn. Where the Alchemist Dinah is said to have performed her original magic, that catalyzed the event, caused the mountains of Nankur to blast apart, resulting in the sacred floating stones of the Nankur Mountains.

    Next time:

    PART TWO - The Rise of Bashrahn

    From the ashes of destroyed Nankur arises Bashrahn, a golden city state brought into prosperity through the power harnessed from the Jinn.

  • “sacred floating stones of the Nankur Mountains.”
    Sounds like an interesting place to hold a bout of mystical combat. Looking forward to part 2. Thank you.

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    It was at that moment she knew

  • Good stuff!!! I mean it is no Undead Alfonoso Argon being brought back by necromancers then killing thousands of Tenosians but I’m still looking forward to reading more lore!

  • Fantastic story so far!!

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