Extended Customization; An Open Discussion

  • Sin here.

    Note to moderators; this goes here because there is no “Suggestions” tab and this technically does count as feedback.

    Having done some thinking and tinkering about with some of Mirage’s customization already in game… what do you guys think could be some extra customization options for characters? Personally, I hope that a larger variant of beards makes it into the game. I want to run around with my glorious two and a half foot beard cracking skull like it’s nobody business as a Taurant.

    Also (this is mainly to the developers or the people that could otherwise make it happen); what would you all think about the ability to swap the genders of the classes? It adds a lot more variation in the ranks. Not only that, but each gender could have their own lines that explore a bit more into Bashrahn and its social/civil constraints, such as the role of women. I understand it would be a LOT of work (creating, animating, rigging, voicing, texturing…) but it’s still an interesting idea nonetheless. Besides, after reading the (well penned) lore article that came out a few hours ago I think it would kind of make sense for there to be female Alchemancers seeing as Dinah herself was the first and greatest of them.
    The world of Mirage seems like a perfect world for a woman crafty and vicious enough to make her way in the world, and considering social constraints of the feudal era any woman to rise to prominence (and I don’t mean like the Vypress or Tinker in terms of physicality; I’m talking power as an abstract concept, control, sovereignty, that sort of thing) is an astounding achievement. And what better way to do it through the power of the Jinn? Once again, I understand that it would be a painful amount of work but there may very well be some merit to it.

    Thoughts and opinions? Want to start a debate? Leave anything you’ve got down below.

  • @Xenokkah definitely would be sweet, I guess it is a lot of work - from 6 to 12 sets of models, animations, testing, voices etc.
    I think it is pretty cool the different classes are not the same size, so that might even mean different weapon tracers etc.

    I would love to customize the outfits (cough) but number one is being able to remove the helmet (and have different hair styles).

  • @gregcau Having dabbled in modelling myself from time to time, I can safely say it takes about five or six weeks to get the model completely 100% done with textures and rigging and all that. Not counting the time it requires to make edits or rework it; therefore, add another week or two.

  • Developer

    Great suggestion, and also yes… a ton of work would be involved to get that gender variation.

    Check out this post, a they guys talk a bit about what we were thinking when designing the characters and their personalities.

  • @Killer-Crabs I saw the video, and I can’t say I disagree with what they’re talking about.

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