Steam Achievement Suggestions

  • Hi all!

    What are your ideas for Steam Achievements and what it takes to earn them?

  • Wow - Actually kill someone with the draggable Phoenix.

    Nah, maybe one for (somehow) getting Wicked Sick.

  • maybe avoid class epidemics like shoot short bow 10,000 times lol

    apart from usual stuff (weapon kills, rank, class kills) maybe things like

    • hook opponent off an objective some # times
    • kill opponent on a capture point # times
    • complete/win government, ravine, xyzmap with # seconds to spare
    • collect 6 enemy blue balls within # seconds
    • kill streak # times
    • reach the highest point of each map (make it require inventive teleports)
    • kill a TBS developer

    like cows in CMW one thing that would be cool is if in each map you built a secret door, you can only see an outline from up close, hitting it with a weapon opens up a small room with treasury stuff (and some can only be reach with inventive teleport use) then you could have

    • find all secret rooms

    another idea would be to have a rare event like “dinah” appear say 1% of the time in the government map, make her a bot with like x30 normal health, magic same as alchem but triple the power and uninterruptible, both teams would strive to get the final strike in, and person does achieves

    • kll Dinah

  • I think “do something x amount of times” are usually really dull achievements. I much prefer the weird/obscure achievements to the tedious ‘do this in game which you would have done anyway if you played for more than an hour because that’s the point of the game’–Achievements which put people in odd occurrences/funny situations to complete, such as jumping off of a cliff/edge of map and pulling someone with you to commit a murder-suicide, are much more entertaining and interesting, or doing something obscure like hitting the outhouse in Stoneshill on Chivalry and listening to the various quotes of a guy afraid to come out.

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    What about an achievement that rewards that you have no team damage or very low % for an entire game or something ?

  • @Mskittyiana said in Steam Achievement Suggestions:

    What about an achievement that rewards that you have no team damage or very low % for an entire game or something ?

    Team damage? There is no team damage from projectiles (at the moment), if they removed it from weapons that would remove a huge chunk of vote kicks, moderator complaints, trolling etc. It could always be a server option to turn it on for competitive play. Good idea if they kept TK% - encourage people to be more careful.

  • I like one off achievements that aren’t easily set up. The second part of this is unrealistic as players will always find a way to set things up to cheese the achievement. Unless you create a parameter where achievements do not unlock until the server has at least 4v4 or something.

    • Kill a player mid-air with Alchemancer’s draggable projectile (phoenix).
    • Deny a Vypress phase by interrupting the cast.
    • Kill four players with one Taurant boulder.
    • Use Tinker’s hook shot to force a player out of map bounds (essentially taking someone with you as you’re falling to your death).
    • Kill a player with a riposte strike off of a parried projectile.
    • Decapitate two players with Taurant’s whirlwind attack.
    • Use Alchemancer’s RMB after falling X meters to prevent fall damage. Make X a pretty extreme height so it’s risky to pull off. This assumes that the RMB will have the force push properties that enable a safe fall mechanic. If not, then swap the RMB safe fall for teleport.
    • (Vypress) Parting Gift. Perform a phase and exit by throwing a shuriken into a player for a killing blow.
    • With at least three enemies alive, win a LTS round as the last man standing for your team.
    • Ravine second objective, successfully complete the flag planting event without taking damage.
    • DNF the enemy team on the first objective of every TO map.

    These are just a few ideas that I would find fun for achievements. Achievements should require a situation that doesn’t always happen, and can be extremely difficult to pull off. Players should be trying their hardest to complete these challenges, and they should not be something that can occur idly (Kill X amount of players with projectiles… would be a boring achievement).

  • @Gauntlet those are some good ones, much more creative but killing someone with draggable phoenix… plz

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  • These are some good ideas. We’ve had some new people since I first put this topic up; anyone have more ideas?

  • Peek-a-boom: Kill an enemy you can’t see with a draggable phoenix (not sure if this is something you can track?)

    Drag X enemies onto a mine as Tinker.
    Kill an enemy using nothing but mines.
    Kill an enemy with mines X times in one match.

  • Chicken or the egg: Kill an alchemancer with a phoenix before they can hatch theirs (ie they’ve thrown the egg, but not turned it into a bird yet)

  • @ColonelAxeman said in Steam Achievement Suggestions:

    Chicken or the egg: Kill an alchemancer with a phoenix before they can hatch theirs (ie they’ve thrown the egg, but not turned it into a bird yet)

    thats a great one

  • The more creative the better! Maybe some interesting possibilities with movement abilities? Or ability interaction?

  • @TBPhoenix Perhaps something that means you have to stay airborne for a certain amount of time for say the alchemancer class (if his projectiles still slow fall damage).

  • Kill tinker with his own mines (get an assist on his suicide)?

  • While hunting around for map feedback, I was looking out in the distance of Lighthouse and saw a haul of something being lifted in the distance, and thought how cool it would be to throw a bouncy disc or shuriken and cut the rope, and to see the load spill out onto the docks. A screenshot for a visual representation what I’m referring to.


    Might make for a fun map interaction / hidden achievement. Cut the rope with an ability. Only those who are curious would discover it.

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