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    Hi, sometime ago I started a thread regarding a certain player (or a group of them, Im not quite sure). I guess I found him (or at least one of the players who do this). He is now by the name of “DONALD TRUMP’S DELICIOUS JIZZUM”, and he is probably the “DONALD TRUMP” I reported earlier.
    He entered a match and when I saw his name I already started paying attention to him, and he in fact started using his typical racist language, disturbing behaviour and teamkilling. I have a screenshot of his name. 0_1460696687511_20160415015352_1.jpg

  • I’m more offended by your ping than you are by his racism tbh

  • I actually have a screenshot of this Character on my other computer from just yesterday being racist and sexist.
    admins can pm me if they need it I suppose later on.

  • @Cros 108 isnt bad, and as I hate playing playing with my compatriots (they are usually very toxic), I prefer playing in US servers

  • I thought 180 was when admins can kick? 120 is not bad, considering we in Euro have put up for so long with americans
    simply flooding our servers in our evenings , then grabbing another evening on servers local to them. So I recently started
    playing on American serves with 130 ping. If they can do it for so many years with out any fear of punishment so can we then.
    Very strange the cheeseburgers are often rude and nasty on the Euro servers but when I joined the american servers today
    even they are much nicer and polite then the Euro ones despite my ping hehe. The world has gone made you know…

  • @Andre.Alves Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing the game for so long but for me even a 90 ping is noticeable when you have to block at the very very last millisecond because you’re watching for feints. By this I mean you can see the blocking animation on your own screen for a few milliseconds but will still get hit because you waited so long to block. Nothing is perfect though and the servers aren’t spectacular so its bearable I guess.

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    If you have a link to his steam profile that would be great.

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    Okay. So his ID is STEAM_0:0:136777912.
    Now the mods can take care of him.

  • This guide will tell you how to appropriately report problems with players; How to contact Official Admins

    Posting a player’s profile or ID with only a description about their behaviour doesn’t get you anywhere; anyone can say anything about another player if they don’t have any screenshots or video to back it up. We can’t act without proof.

  • I caught him and a colleague tonight complete with screenshots. They decided to block the stairs out of the castle
    by one at each end with a full shield just blocking the players from getting to stop the ram.

  • @Reithur it is just so hard to call an admin in time to catch him, he is usually kicked out of the server quicly, but in the very short time he spends in te servers, he does A LOT of damage. Next time I meet him, I will try to call an admin, but I will also take screenshots, and if an admin doesnt catch him, I will post the screenshots in here, ok?

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    @Andre.Alves Caught him yesterday night live with one of his friends, don’t worry ;)

  • @Andre.Alves It is better to send a report directly to a moderator via the forum’s Chat feature to prevent it from becoming a debate with other forum members. Chats can be initiated from a profile page;

    0_1460974704222_forum chat.png

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