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  • One of my many many screenshots in either FFA or T/O modes at first place.
    Today once again proving with just natural combat a player can win & often .
    Knights 90 fov butter nothing added tbh in first… year of the longsword a fine
    basic sword for Knights.

    edit: today will try to locate this imgur image

  • I think anyone could win on 60 FOV against such low ranks lol

  • Canadian troll you are tbh. No skill at all. Go back to playing Archer what you do best back sniping.
    I’d also suggest you get your own screenshots but Its likely you don’t have any.

  • I dont see what the appeal is of playing with an FOV higher than 90 anyway

    alt text

    NOTE: This is an old screenshot btw. Im well bad now.

  • Off course note on my screenshot a butter knife Archer wins on the Mason.
    They shouldn’t have knife at all considering the 3 other op weapons they already have.

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