Make it happen, TB

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    0_1460926855208_Steam Stats (Mirage projection).jpg
    Artist’s rendering of Mirage’s projected playerbase.

  • @Skindiacus i’d be happy if it just stayed on the top 98 tbh.

  • i’d be happy if it stays above 1000

  • How many servers do you think they would need for those figures? bear in mind I read 6v6 is the format?
    So basically an old 32 slot server would need 5 servers to keep 32 players in a game?

    I draw your attention to Counter strike 12 years later, strong as always Set fovs and parameters in a perfect 6v6?
    These very reasons stated many times by me is what keeps a game going strong. First person , settings made
    in stone, fov changing by a front end or other wise is a ban. Anything like this is the formula for success.
    Never having played Dark Souly 2 or 3 , is that a 3rd person olny? You simply can’t have mixed views in any game.

  • @Skindiacus

    With Mordhau coming out soon and Tornbanner Losing soooo many people after they get past level 15 because after that point they learn the game is a broken pile of garbage i doubt it. More like bottom 50 im thinking.

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