No response to double charged for Micro transaction.

  • Hi there. I hope someone can help with this issue. I purchased an in game item almost a week ago, the Beserker Set, but for some reason I got double charged for the item. I didn’t click twice or buy it once then attempt to buy something later and accidently hit the wrong button it simply generated two transaction numbers with exactly the same time stamp on them as if it put the order through twice. I have used the micro transaction store in Chivalry and other games before with no issues.
    I originally attempted to go through steam for a refund but as they dont directly support the game I was directed to emailing Torn Banner directly which I did do. I included all the information, the transaction numbers, my details and even a screen grab of the transactions. After not getting a response within 24 hours I searched out this forum and saw the pinned section on micro transaction errors so I registered on the website and went through that channel. I left it a couple of days but still no response so I sent another message through the suggested way. It’s been almost a week now since first contacting them and I have still had no response at all. Even a ‘we’re looking in to it’. I’m not sure what else I can do to get this resolved other than go through the suggested procedure. I understand that Torn Banner are busy but I think even a ‘we’re looking in to it and will email you in the next few days’ isn’t too much to ask for. If anyone does know of any other ways to get this resolved I would be grateful. Likewise if someone from Torn Banner see’s this I would appreciate you contacting me to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

    Philosophical Gamer

  • How can you be doubled charged, even before buying a bill is displayed of your running cost so far.
    perhaps you purchased another item but forgot as the later one was on the screen etc.

  • @Philosophical I’ll pay for your berserker set send me your PayPal email in chat

  • @Philosophical I’ll take a look through our contact emails and see if I can find yours. Our guy who usually takes care of this is away prep’ping for PAX this week, so it might take a while to get to resolve this.

  • Hi and thanks for the responses.
    @ Cloiseau Maybe I didn’t phrase it properly. I wasn’t double charged as in on the one order for the Beserker Set so instead of only being charged £2.80 being charged £5.60, it was simply that it generated the order twice for the same item. In my purchase history it actually has the Beserker Set listed twice as purchased with seperate confirmation numbers but the same item and time stamp of purchase, therfore being charged two lots of £2.80. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear before.

    @ gregcau That is a kind offer but i’m not sure that micro transactions are transferable as they are purely in game and don’t go in to the inventory so I could send you the extra set I now have. Thank you again for the offer though.

    @Reithur That’s great. As I said I actually emailed you originally including a screen grab of the double purchase on the purchase history page for you to be able to see. I then registered here and messaged from here a couple of times through the correct section. The email I sent you the screen grab from is the same email address linked to this account if that helps at all in finding it. I understand that you are busy and it may take a little while I just wanted to make sure that you were aware and had recieved my messages. I have brought micro transactions for chivalry before with no issues and was hoping to get some more items but holding off in case there is an issue and it generates two orders again. Thanks again for looking in to it though. It’s appreciated.

  • @Philosophical I found your email and have forwarded it, but as I said, he’s away for PAX this week. I’ll follow up with him when he returns.

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