Ability to keep pressing Shove and Sprint during an action

  • Right now, in order to be SURE that the shove or/and the sprint actions will be engaged, we have to wait until the end of the last action done before Pressing the button (of the shove or sprint) and be Sure we will sprint or shove.

    I feel this not “too hard”, but really annoying. You guys can say what Im going to say is going to make it easier, but I feel it’s just going to make things more practical, keeping the hardness of the game. Know that the speed of these two actions WONT be modified.

    –> When Im making an action (different from shove or sprint*), I wanna be able to keep pressing the buttons for Shove or Sprint right after I pressed the last action and BE SURE it’s going to happen right at the end of the last action while I keep pressing it. It’s NOT going to cancel the last action like ‘Q’. It will wait, and then will be engages.
    About the Shove, we can release it when it starts as usual. But to be Sure it’s going to happen, I wanna be able to keep pressing it during another action. I’ll release it when I’ll see my foot.

    Example : I start giving an overhead when I just understand if I dont get the hell out of here I’ll be dead in a minut. Supposing I didnt have the time to cancel it, I start pressing the sprint button and wait for the overhead to end. The overhead finally ends, and RIGHT after that, the character finally starts to sprint as my finger didnt move out from the sprint button.

    Bonus : can we dodge while sprinting ? Im not really sure but sometimes it works, some other times it doesnt. Is it bug ? Are we supposed to be able to do it ?

    *Edit : Actually, this situation is taken account when you wanna sprint after a shove, or shove after sprinting (even though the char doesn’t take ages to stop running, so this last case isn’t really important).

  • There’s currently a bug that causes some things that shouldn’t happen while sprinting to happen while sprinting: dodge becomes possible, and stamina/health both regenerate. I’m not sure how to reproduce it myself, but I do think you should be able to dodge while sprinting, as well as dodge diagonally with one-button dodge (admittedly this would give one-button dodge an advantage over double tap dodge), because it just feels unnatural otherwise.

    As for shoving and sprinting during an action, I believe the devs are aware of and possibly working on adding the ability for the game to track the sprint key being held down so that you don’t have to re-tap it every time. For now though, you can enable toggle sprint in keybinds menu to always sprint when moving forward - shift will toggle the sprint on/off. It also has some bugs at the moment, though.

    Queuing/comboing shove would be good to see as well.

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