Disgusting Reddit Bs at Torn Banner

  • I draw your attention to the Asshat below who posted this shite sanctioned by certain clowns of Reddit kicked and removed
    by me from all my steam groups proving what having no clue of moderation is when a thread slaps them on the
    Chops and introduces itself to then go and date the wife on a night on the town ending up with a traditional breakfast.

    doomybear 0 points 8 days ago
    Alright, well, it’s a video and content, I suppose. It was a little boring, even for a six minute video, so here are some things I noticed:
    I’m guessing you were going for casual. Remembering all the class’s names should probably be something you can do without celebrating…
    Introductions were fine, but I’m not sure why you decided to have all three people present at once. Only Hayter has any interaction between people. Unless you count somewhat anxious (camera-shy?) glances between people, which is one of the weird things about having everyone sitting in a line/weak semi-circle. Hayter asks questions and the person answering divides focus between gestures, camera, and Hayter, which is kind of alienating. It can make the viewer feel like a third wheel in the room. And is Hayter reading off of a cue card? He looks off camera when asking questions. For being a casual video, everyone seems a bit stiff.
    Also, Brady talks about character design without any art? Anyone who isn’t familiar with the game isn’t going to be drawn in just trying to imagine what’s being described, and the information was delivered in a plain way. The same goes for the lore. A little bit of concept art would have been nice.
    Also, I think I’d describe the video as a bit unbalanced. Brady introduces three classes and talks a bit about their design, while Jay introduces the setting and how the setting influences the personality of just the one class. The only thing connecting these two mini-interviews together is the fact that Jay talks about Vypress. The kind of concepts being discussed - design and fluff - are disjoint.

    Utter uncensored shit on the so called Mirage Reddit site. The cheeseburgers try to not only drag the community to Reddit as they did
    on Chivalry but like to Control it. A fine example of not seeing a post that needs to be censored and removed by such hypocritic reddit admins.
    This kind of blatant shit posted either on the Tornbanner site or the Steam Hub would have been closed down and rightly so.

    I am so glad I kicked that Spoilt brat and his colleague out of my Steam groups, Even my colleagues congratulated me in friend chat.
    Also I would suggest they are both removed and all powers revoked on all sites and the steam group for Chivalry .

    Lastly Don’t stop making video’s or be put off by such stupid morons as the bear. Its good to see normal down to earth people
    making a video without prompted green screens or strings. If you have been in this position you will understand the empty coffee
    machines on the day tbh.

    Do your job or get off reddit you admin clowns

  • @General-Firefly
    You must be a complete troll tbh. Some clown called doomy bear completely slags off Torn Banners movie as if he is some
    major movie critic but you stick some stupid picture not even on topic with my name on it. Why don’t you try to actually
    defend Torn Banner here , you spend all this time on this site but don’t want to even Stick up for or Defend Torn banner
    from some bs destruction about the video they bravely made by some ass hat on reddit? You really are a turd with
    not one single bone of loyalty towards Torn Banner or defensive word on there behalf.

  • Sorry Loin, people are entitled to opinions and criticism–Both outside of this forum in places such as reddit and on this forum as long as they are civil. This thread is nought more than a witch-hunt for someone who said something you didn’t agree with or like.

    Closed the thread, if you want to discuss the video feel free to post in the official topic for the video, but we don’t allow threads specifically targeting users so please don’t make any more.

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