Chivalry : Undead

  • Interlog/Storyline:
    Loads of peasents on the outskirts of town have turned. Did it come with the plague? Hundreds sick, as the king gets locked up in the keep. Day and night battling of destroying rotten and fresh flesh of the cursed ones. “One that doesn’t feel, casts a great burden upon those that do” says the old man.

    As the shamantic-witch travels through the demensions of space and time with powerful magical mushrooms to find a cure, the king, has been blessed by her to ward off evil spirits. whoa dude… lol
    Anyone who is bleeding or seriously injured and is on the front lines of battle has a greater chance of being infected. A fresh zombie is always quicker than other slower older zombies.
    Zombie knights are tough when old, but when fresh, are damn near impossible.Makes sense I can see where you are coming from.

    I second any motion towards a zombie mod for this game and I haven’t even played it yet. Right on bro you’re not the first sorry.

  • U S E

    T H E

    S E A R C H

    B U T T O N

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