Free agents/people looking to join clans

  • Could’ve sworn a thread like this existed but I can’t find it, anywho if you spot noobies looking for clans or if there’s any currently looking or just people that can be of use when a clan is short then post up your quick blurb/bio here for some clans to take a quick peek at it, if the community won’t die already then I might aswell switch gears and aid expansion.

  • Lvl 39 main vanguard (fairly decent) and occasional knight messer when the cheese fest begins, can’t manage my own clan due to time constraints so I’m looking for a new one, if no chance arises from this then I can be a free sub almost any time depending as I work 3rd shift (midnight-8am) mon-fri, my day is practically free to practice and war if the war doesn’t start too late,thanks for looking.

  • Also 3 of my old guys, the greenb4std20,themainehamster and legends synoerz are all looking too, but won’t hop on forums

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