Rustyinplaces [RIP]

  • Just want to introduce my clan,

    Rustyinplaces is a UK based Multi-gaming PC clan that has been going nearly 6 years, we mainly play shooting games like BF3, COD, PR, Arma2, DayZ etc etc but a group of us have brought Chivalry and think its great. We see the potential for alot of fun and fighting…. we have an open Teamspeak server of which guests can come and play along-side or against us:

    Teamspeak: :9987

    We like to play friendly matches against other clans and this game has so much potential for some great battles…. a great alternative to bullets & bombs

    We are recruiting 18+ so if your interested in more teamwork, fun or just plain old banter go see our website for more information.

    See you on the battlefield :D

    We now have a server running, filter for “rustyinplaces” see you there!

    [RIP] wintski

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