Archer Viability

  • First off I want to applaud Torn Banner not only have you made a game that personally I find more enjoyable than any other game I’ve ever played, but also in reading the forums you’ve shown you care about the community which is one thing larger game titles forget and without community the game dies out fast.


    Archers are great, don’t get me wrong I’m loving them, however they seem to be extremely vulnerable as well as I wouldn’t say under-powered but if you think of all the mechanics you have to go through to time and calculate where they’ll jump or run too it’s not worth it in the long run.

    All other classes are run around swinging and get kills, which are one hit kills on archers. However most archers can’t stand far back and take down enemies from a distance because of the damage and arrow does as well as the drop calculations not to mention people front flipping everywhere and warping around.

    I know arrows to the head are generally head-shots however I’ve noticed multiple times where I’ll put 2-3 arrows into a knights head and he still charges at me. I tested it with a friend on 1v1 I would put 2 arrows into his head from a distance and he’d still have health left to win a 1v1 with my dagger.


    • Make head-shots instant kills on all classes.
    • A better cross-hair I’m using none at the moment as it feels a lot easier.
    • Instant fire (quickfire) the draw back time seems too slow and with people running at your its impossible to get shots off because by the time you fire they’ve zig-zagged out of the way.
    • Faster secondary draw, the time it takes to switch to my secondary I might as well just die and run back to that space and try fire more arrows off.
    • Maybe give short-bow a bit of a damage buff (I unlocked it and I prefer the tier 1 bow it’s not worth the damage loss for firing maybe half an arrow more.

    Again thanks for the great game as well as the community support.

  • I must agree, it’s a little weird seeing a guy running at you with an arrow all of the way through his head, and headshots can’t be a guaranteed kill. You could just glance off their helmet, just stunning and brusing them.
    The crosshair is accurate to use if you crouch.
    Instant fire? It’s not a machine gun… It’s a bow. In real life you wouldn’t have quickfire.
    I think switching to another weapon is already well timed.
    The shortbow is faster than the others.

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