2v2 Last Team Standing Tournament Xbox one

  • I will be hosting a 2v2 Last team standing Tournament tomorrow night at 8:00pmEST. If you are interested send me you and your partners gamer tags along with your team name on Xbox. My gamer tag is SDS NewAgeKnght. Sign ups end by 6:00pmEST tomorrow night. Challonge.com/sdsknights is the website the tournament will be tracked on. You must register with the website before I can put your team on the Bracket. Thank you and lets make it a good one!!!

  • Posting your team on here will not work. You must send me a message on Xbox in order to be an official team in this tournament.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight too night damn

  • Yo I wanna join tried messeging u on Xbox bout it for some odd reason some how I got banned guess from sending messages I don’t know how but I wanna b part of thiss get me in

  • @TGL-Error Tomorrow night

  • Are you sure this is supposed to be under Mirage?

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight I’m going to move this thread to the Chivalry > Competitive Play > Tournaments section.

  • @Reithur Thanks bro I did not realize I was on the wrong game.

  • bro newage 8est on a sunday man thats not do able for EU :/ too late for eu who wins that 2v2 isnt best in (xboxone) world btw GL with tournament btw :/

  • The Tournament will be postponed until next Sunday due to lack of teams entered. Thank you :)

  • I’d like to join but the thing is I don’t have a Xbox one ;-;

  • wait newage next week i mean this week sunday? no diffrents tbh u need do tournament on saterday

  • I have been getting a lot of request for the tournament to be this Saturday so it will be. Teams have until Saturday 3:00pmEST to Enter. Tournament will start at 5:00pmEST this Saturday.

  • The Tournament was Intense. There were some really great battles out there. I had to keep track of all the battles by myself so I was not able to get good clips of all the battles. But I will upload a Montage of the championship match on YouTube in a day or two. I would like to thank all 14 teams for attending this tournament and making it a great one. There is much more to come!

  • I will also post the Full Tournament results Tomorrow afternoon.

  • Banned


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