Mason can't win on coldfront now

  • Why did you change the king’s respawn to unlimited? if he just keep respawning then mason have no chance of beating the king if we keep spawning back!

  • I agree unlimited spawns is a bit much.

    Also there is still the issue with

    • the faster masons complete the first two objectives
    • the more time on the clock the king has to escape

    So it is in the Masons best interest to run down the clock until the last 60 seconds…

    When was that change made, I dont recall reading that? Reducing archers down to 3 is server properties but that must have been game code I would have thought, and if they were doing that they could have made the last objective timers flipped so that if defenders hold out until the last 30 seconds then the king gets lots of time to escape, as opposed to the way it is now which means poor defenders get a large amount of time to escape.

    I think the main issue was the defenders spawn too far away from the king to defend him properly. I would have just double the kings health and given him a shield rather than respawns

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