What's with the loading times?

  • It takes me almost a minute and a half to load a map, for gremp it took almost 2 minutes. This was not an issue in earlier builds. It’s the same on both the EU and NA server and if I create a listen server. The loading times are far too annoying when they take a 5th of the current level palytime.

  • @Xylvion
    On earlier builds, it took roughly 10-20 seconds to load, so we’re talking on an exponential level - almost 10 times the previous loading time.

  • servertravel to to-gov_garden_p is 55 seconds on both my old laptop with integrated video garden and my main laptop. doesnt seem to be using much in the way of resources so some bug I’m sure they will have noticed at PAX too.

  • This issue crept in as we were working on the PAX build, so it’ll be something we’ll iron out once everything’s back. It’s just as annoying to playtest with internally as well :) We’re currently upgrading the engine however, and that usually leads to a few weeks of instability, so it might be around for a little bit while we stabilize the game.

  • I’m sure you guys already know it, but I noticed it when I was setting up another server - its all server side CPU for that map transition


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