Always "chv_loot_asset" (what happen here?)

  • Always I want to play this game I get the same error “chv_loot_asset”.
    I assume this is because I have not bought new addons to the game, but why there is no FILTER in the multiplayer options to let people like me only just play, and not feel like a pain in the xxx to find a compatible server?

    I am sorry, but this game does not think about causual players not trying to find a solution everytime we want to play a match. Also the error I mentioned happen at the END of loading and spending time. Is this just a method to try to convince me to buy anything?

  • @kdaber That’s an error message because your game files are missing something.

    You can try verifying your game files through your Steam Library;

  • guau, I like the support and hepl

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