A different weapon choices for each class

  • Will it be? In my opinion, 3 (or 2) unique weapon for each class (who has a melee weapon) would be fine imo + it’s easier to balance 15 (or 10) weapons (or less, if Entropist doesn’t have a melee weapon, same as Alchemancer), while Chivalry has around fifty (and some of them, obviously, not balanced very well). Yes, i understand that Mirage have a magical spells that must be balanced too, but in spirit, Mirage still being a good melee game, isn’t it? That’s why the player should have a possibility to choose their favourite “toys” for a close fight to enjoy with.

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    Yeah. I think classes will have unique weapons.

  • After looking at the gameplay footage from pax, it looks like each class only gets one weapon. which is very disappointing to be honest.

  • @Its-Just-Milk That’s why i’m asked will it be or not, i’ll be disappointed too if we will not have a bit of weapon diversity. From other side, all in-game weapon will be balanced and playable (Unlike Chivalry, lots of weaponary, but around 80% skilled fighters used to play only with bigswords, zweihanders, messers, mauls, morning stars etc, while a lot of other weapons becoming the way less effective without RoH’s and feints. BUT my suggestion is pretty adequate imho, 10/15 weapons with a good balance is a real thing, it’s more effective way than trying to make a lots of different weaponary to made it playable .

  • I could see them having max 2 weapons/class, one faster/shorter/less damaging, and one slow/longer/heavy damaging weapon. Otherwise I can understand the decision with 1 weapon/class, there’s 6 classes, right, each class have their own spells, I guess a selection of spells, which would act as the different “weapon choices” more or less. I think it might become hectic having all the spells and also several different weapons to be aware of. But we’ll have to wait and see what TBS does with the game.

  • @Netherim tbh I think the game is turning out way too much like Overwatch: Arcane Warfare. 6v6, classes get one weapon, bright cartoonish graphics, class specific abilities with cooldowns, the objectives i’ve seen look less like medieval warfare and more like TF2, and even the user interface looks just like Overwatch… all of it is getting very suspicious.

  • Its not worth making a fuss about at all imo. The other classes haven’t been seen, it would be easier to pick another class
    as 6 is a bigger choice then Chivalry. It looks quite a skilled game so loading to many weapons into one class would
    effectively put of new gamers who never even played Chivalry prior.

  • @Clouseau I said only about 2/3 weapon per class, not about tons of useless, garbage-like weaponry xdddd

  • This is indeed disappointing news. Weapon variety is what gave CMW a bunch of replay value. Each weapon was like a class of its own, for example a maul knight played completely differently from a SoW knight. Fighting against the same 6 weapons over and over is going to become stale really fast.

  • Vesros recently responded to a question on the subreddit regarding whether or not the different classes will have multiple weapons.

    “This is actually something we recently changed our plans around and we’re now aiming to launch with a different options per class.”

    So yeah, looks like we might be getting multiple weapons per class after all.

  • My guess would be that extra weapons get added bit by bit, starting in closed beta/alpha. It would be ideal to add 1 weapon (for each class) at a time. This would help with balancing because everyone would be using the new weapons after that particular update, and in turn giving the devs targeted feedback instead of everything all at once.

  • @ToLazy4Name complaining pays off. maybe we can get them to allow more than 6 players on each team next.

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    @Its-Just-Milk said in A different weapon choices for each class:

    maybe we can get them to allow more than 6 players on each team next.

    I think that’s just the standard gametype.

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