Cooking error - help appreciated

  • This is actually for a DW mod so I’m using that frontend, posting here because I doubt anyone will respond otherwise.

    @Roag said in CDW Basic SDK Help.:

    I’ve never worked with UE/UDK but have experience programming and wanted to make a small and simple mod for my old duel server on DW. Yes I know DW is old/broken/abandoned/shit, however I still enjoy it!

    To get started I wanted to make just a simple change; have the server show up as “old duel” rather than “Free for All” because that atrackts all the people who don’t want to duel and I spend all my time kicking people because they can’t read the title…

    After making my script when I go to cook it I get this error: Error, Failed to find package 'DW_MUS_MainMenu’

    Any ideas?

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