50384 - Movement too slow? Big environments?

  • “is movement feeling slow to you guys? getting some of that from video feedback but I don’t personally feel so while playing”
    “significantly faster in mirage than chiv, trying to avoid hitting DW levels of speed”
    “but the environments are much larger in Mirage than chiv, so that kinda makes it feel slower”

    So I’ve seen the feedback of it being slower, so I’m going to see if I can do some relevant comparisons.

    Distance perspective

    Resolution 1920x1080 (laptop), FOV 120.

    Mirage slow Taurant class standing next to an opponent, runs away for 9 seconds and then turns around.
    Opponent is 25 pixels in height


    Lets compare with a 9 second run in CMW with knight. Actually here your opponent appears smaller at 18 pixels in height.
    But also there is a fog that suggests he is just far off. So perhaps that gives you a sense of having run further.


    Act of running

    First of all lets compare walking to running

    • In CMW when you walk your sword does not move
    • Actually its not perfect, you appear to glide
    • But when you sprint it is a significant difference - your sword starts to go from side to side and you really feel like you have picked up speed
    • In mirage you have slight weapon movement when walking
    • and it does pick up well when running, so I dont see any issues there - mirage much better


    Undoubtably this has a huge effect on speed so note to TBS - never ever record a video on 90 FOV. For example 60 FOV is a sluggish disaster on CMW, 90 is very noticeably slower than 120.


    This is probably what counts the most, I tested running around an opponent 10 times to see how long that would take.

    • Mirage 26 seconds to run around 10 times
    • Chivalry 28 seconds to run around 10 times


    I have none, videos are affected by FOV and I think the height of the environment may affect the perception of speed.

    Personally I dont really notice that I’m slow in terms of pure running, but I’m really focussing about other things - checking my cooldowns, looking for opponents etc. My guess is that the comments on speed is more related to attacking, parrying, spells etc.

  • thanks for doing these in depth tests, really useful!

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