Primary Fire of Alchemancer

  • I saw a lot of people talking about how underwhelming the Primary fire was and the best example of something that gives feedback when firing a shot is from skyrim.

    In that previous video you can feel the shots as you release them, then adding a different sound when they actually hit would be nice feedback. Like a some kind of

    Then for the large ball that the Alchemancer throws, it should really have some powerful sound to it, signifying the weight difference between it and the primaries. something more along the lines of since the object seems to be in a cage that erupts when thrown. Then have a little fire sound at the tail of that.

    *NOTE These are stock sounds that don’t exactly fit, but my point is the sound you get from spells can add so much weight and feel to them, that they will make the viewer be engaged with the magic display. What we currently have is pew pew pew.

    I think the next gameplay footage needs to have the power and weight behind attacks with a good FOV to really show the potential of this game.

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