Answer to Tibberius question regarding weapon weight.

  • Tibberius said:

    “Any further feedback on “weapons lacking weight” of impact or general floatiness. Trying to ensure we address this, is it primarily sound or animation driven? Is it on all classes/all melee attacks?
    Also, is it something noticed most when YOU are swinging, or when someone else is swinging at you/others?”

    First off the sound feedback, I believe it was killercrabs that said it would give you better feedback as you hit someone in the next build, but as of right now, you don’t get that loud short sound as you do in chivalry when you hit someone. It is however better when they’re on low health, which makes no sense, it should sound the same all along.
    There’s also the random shouts as you hit someone, which have the same voice overs as when you kill someone, which is rather confusing, the one when you hit someone should preferably be short, and when you kill someone a shout of pain and agony which may last a bit longer to give you the feedback of the person dying. Right now I can’t tell if a person behind me is dead or just hit by something or someone, so I have to turn around and check if they indeed are so. In chivalry I know if they’re dead or alive based on the sound.

    When you attack you move as fast as if you wouldn’t be attacking. I did a test on how far I could sprint during 20 seconds, then I did the same but while also attacking, and I got as far. In chivalry you somewhat slow down when you attack (easy to notice while chasing someone and missing a couple of the attacks.), which sorta makes sense, it seems odd that you can sprint around at max speed while constantly attacking/comboing. As of right now I can’t really tell if you walk the same speed in chiv when you attack as when you’re not, but I highly doubt it, I’m only certain that you don’t run at the same speed.

    The weird leg movement when you stand still and attack, it suggests that your character would somewhat lunge forward, but he/she doesn’t; not only that, but as someone mentioned in the chat, it looks weird when they change from orthodox to southpaw stances while attacking.

    There’s also the oddities that occur due to not having backswings, looks really weird on 130 fov, but it’s also silly if you’re in third person or if you’re trying 120 fov - although not as much.

    If I stand here and do an lmb attack, it will not hit my opponent, it will instead phase through her, in third person I can see the attack going through the vigilist in the back as well, although that’s acceptable as she’s quite far behind me.

    This is what it looks like in first person, 130 fov, when I can’t hit the enemy.

    I think the idea of not allowing backswings is great, but they seem a bit over-restricted atm, as you can see she stands pretty much in front of me, the vypress that is, yet I can’t hit her which feels really weird.

    This is what it sorta looks like with 120 fov instead. Note that the vypress is still in front of me and not taking any damage when I use lmb.

    The same can be said at the end of release with overheads, I can see the weapon go through the enemies leg, yet she takes no damage when she’s hit by it. This means that you have to turn ridicolously much when attacking to even hit opponents, you also always have to face them straight ahead to be sure to land an attack.

    I can’t really tell if the opponent can still move at max speed - or if I can - after being hit, when fighting gregcau it was very hard to tell that I was hit at all when I took damage. I also noticed that it was tough to see the amount of health I had left, maybe it’s due to the positioning of the health bar at the right side and not on the left, or maybe it’s because the health bar isn’t red.
    Maybe it’s just that the animations end so abruptly when I get hit and they then reset and it looks/feels weird.

    There’s also the fact that the release stage of the attacks feel sluggish, there’s like no real power behind it, I’ve noticed that a lot of weapon attacks don’t start as far back as in CMW for example, which means they travel a shorter distance at a similar release time which makes it look really slow. The reason why claymore feels so fast in CMW is becauase the release time is too short compared to the distance the weapon travels.

  • There’s also the fact that the offhand of the character seems… off

    For example, the vigilist flails her shield around as if it would be a useless piece of cardboard, it would make a lot more sence if she held it inf ront of her as she attacked, even though it wouldn’t stop hits etc, but it would look more natural.

    It’s the same with the vypress really, the dagger arm should just be there for parrying and therefor held like a shield, heck it could even be turned into a buckler or removed completely. (I’m not a fan of dual wielding at all, I think it looks ugly and out of place, but if it has to be dual wielding I’d rather have sword+rapier style combat where you actually use the dagger to parry most of the time. If she absolutely has to keep the annoying setup it’d be great if the only attack she used with the “stabby thingy” is just that, stabs, as the curved blade probably isn’t as good at that aspect.)

    On the taurant it’s alright, he’s using the mace 2handed.

    On the tinker it looks sorta weird, it’s alright, but it looks weird.

    The same with the entropist, he flails his offhand a bit too much.

    I still think that a lot of the “weight” issues have to do with the weird movement of the legs.

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