Where is the opponent who is hitting me?

  • This I always find this an issue with the larger team games, usually of course its the alchemancer’s fault. They are hitting me (probably with LMB) and I have no clue where he is unless they are in front of me.

    Mirage is very different from CMW in terms of flanking, CMW the nature of the maps and objectives you pretty much know exactly where everybody is unless an archer has spent significant time going around the side of the map to flank you.

    Mirage people are appearing from everywhere, above, below, side, rear etc.

    I see a couple of issues, one is the directional red arrow (yeah mentioned it before)


    • It only lasts a second, perhaps I just have slow reactions but this is not a duel, I’m focussing on someone else usually and I dont see the arrow in time
    • Depending on the background it is a little subtle with the coloring so it can be easy to miss
    • There is something fundamentally confusing to understand where your opponent comes from, it takes a lot of brain processnig power. I compare it to hearing a double negative in English or reading code that is not (false). You see the arrow, then you have to reverse it to figure out where they coming from.

    What I would prefer is just an obvious red blood blotch on my screen, depicting I’m wounded and the position of the screen would tell me if it was behind or side or above etc.,then it can stick around longer so I know where I was last struck from even if I’m busy ducking.


    I would be curious how others find it.

    Kind of like this but from where the attack came from


    From a realism perspective my character should know what he has a burn on his back.

  • I agree. My solution was similar to yours. It would really help situational awareness.

  • Have done some updates to these FX, should be in the next build. The functionality is the same for the time being (the arrow will track to the opponent who struck you), though might get some rethinking in the future.

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