Schmuck of the Week.

  • This week’s award goes to Highly Faded. He joined our 1v1 TD and immediately started with the teabag thing. I asked him not to do it, was an Honorable battle so I Votekicked him after the second time. He was able to rejoin in a while, and teamkilled + teabagged immediately again. Then I got three messages with his squeaking little voice shaking with rage full of profanity.
    Sad thing is, he’s pretty good. Would have liked to battle with him.
    Isn’t this game rated M for Mature?

  • Rated I for incomplete, or A for abandoned

  • Nothin wrong with a good tbag every once and awhile. Besides honor is overrated.

  • Rated C for Cancerous. All you meet is kids that think their the shiz and then they get whipped.

  • lel I leik this idea

  • Banned

    Just deal with him as one should handle anyone like that, kill them till they quit. Simple and effective.

  • Schmuck of the week? In all honesty the biggest schmuck I’ve come across is a guy who contains more salt than the sea itself. Go to an EU team objective (when the server comes back of course) and meet the man, the myth, the monster… Jake Bennie. A level 47 try hard that claims to be ‘the best player in the game’.

    With his messer-hit trade combo and his ‘epic’ footwork, he’ll be sure to wreck anyone who hasn’t worked out there’s a parry button. If (or rather when) you vanquish this monstrosity prepare yourself for the real battle, he’ll headhunt you the entire game. he’ll backslash you consistently, he’ll tbag you. send you hateful messages telling you to ‘get cancer’ and ‘get rekt faggot’ and if doesn’t break you down and get you to reevaluate life. He’ll swear up a fucking storm with his angry scottish drivel. Jake Bennie is the true hero of chivalry, and an a-grade cunt.

  • Lol messer trade hits plus a fag? Sounds like hell

  • @b00ger-Knight say how high is his ping? If its like 140+ i think whoever he fights might get washed and drown in the sea

  • Banned

    @booger-knight damn I was so interested until you said Jake bennie lmfao. Last time I saw him I made him rage quit. It was east coast though and he did have high ping. I’ll check eu obj for him though.

  • we alle know whos the best xDDDDDDDDDD if not then fkin duel me fam

  • 1v1 me moor ps4

  • Never invite a Schmuck to dinner

  • I like this “Shaming of the Schmucks” idea. Its a good way to warn players and to just laugh at the poor schmucks.

  • Banned

    @tgl-error hahahaha

  • @b00ger-Knight Sounds like a player who I’m glad isn’t in the random lobbies I join. It’s supposed to be fun.

  • I tend to get into a lot of salt in this game but I’ve met both of these guys in game and from what I’ve seen:

    -Jake Bennie was a very nice dude and a team player in party chat

    -Highly faded and I battled it out in LTS and he bowed every single time and we both left the game with a GG message.

    Maybe I was just lucky with both encounters XD

  • @CharonOfTheStyx said in Schmuck of the Week.:

    I like this “Shaming of the Schmucks” idea. Its a good way to warn players and to just laugh at the poor schmucks.

    TB isn’t a fan of witch hunts. If topics like “Atom is a scrub clan”, “shmuck of the week”, or “kill this noob” or “Chivalry Reavers” (that one was mine guilty as charged trololol) get too bad the mods will shut it down.

  • @Village-Elder Maybe Faded is usually cool…I couldn’t say. But if you’re gonna have the balls to curse at someone, do it “live” - not in messages.

  • Banned

    @village-elder I didn’t see the thread but chivalry reavers lmfao that’s great i hope I’m not the only one who gets that reference.

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