Schmuck of the Week.

  • Schmuck of the week is Vader for spoiling game of thrones in the wrong section of the forums making a thread that one simply can’t ignore, a true Schmuck

  • Banned

    @Somervillage Mwahahahaha hey I said spoiler alert. you just kys’d on your own.

  • Here’s one for you. Joined a lobby Thursday and was immediately votekicked by Youdeadsucka. Two lower ranked players, him, and me. (We’re about same ranking) Ok, so maybe I’m interrupting some Clan practice or something.
    Yesterday, I join a full lobby and again he started vote. It fails. He tries again. So I quit…and send message asking why. (Politely, I add) Response? I’m on automatic vote kick- with all of my friends. Along with a few vulgar insults. Hmmm.
    So I sent his message along to Xbox live review, and blocked him.
    Most of my friends are high levels like myself. Guess we know how he got his ranking…only fights rookies, I figure. A challenge comes along and it’s votekick time, complete with anger and profanity. Schmuck.

  • @Gnarlydude sounds like he’s a schmuck alright

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