[Wrong Font Color] TO: Stonehill Catapult as Mason Order

  • Hey Devs,

    play as Mason Order on Team Objective Stonehill and use the catapult (as you can see in the screenshot). When you kill someone with the catapult your name’s font color is blue instead of red (Mason Order) on the top right corner.

    I have noticed this issue on this map. I didn’t test other maps…
    EDIT:** I have tested with Agatha - The font is right with Agatha, so only Mason have wrong color!

  • Thanks for the report.

  • Hey,

    I have played as Mason on the map “Battlefield”. I used the Ballista and killed some Agatha Knights. My font was also blue instead of red.

    That brings me to the assumption, that every “cannon” which is used by Mason Order will display the false font…

  • Hey,

    a Mason Order player killed me with the burning oil potion (MaA) and his font was also blue…

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