Mirage's first fantheory

  • Why did I not think of this before?

    Mirage’s continent = Tenosia from Chiv’s lore

    The description of Tenosia, being mostly deserts with a foreign culture, matches perfectly with Mirage. King Argon had a large enough army to unite all of Agatha, and then virtually uses it all against Tenosia and gets completely decimated. Was it because of the warm climate? Dry weather? How about magic?

    Also, this may not be accurate, but I read that Tenosia’s capitol was called Jarburdan. That kind of sounds like the proper nouns Mirage has.

    Anyways, keep your eyes open in case there is any mention of invaders from the north or something in the lore.

    Edit: I thought: “Wait. if Mirage and Chiv are in the same world, why don’t I get magic in Chiv?” It’s because the Bash are only getting their Magic because of their proximity to mount GoingToBeAnImportantMapInLikeAYear.

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  • @Skindiacus I have a fan theory too. I think that Mirage might be set in the Overwatch universe, hundreds of years prior. that’s why the games are so similar!

  • There’s already magic in Chiv. Archers can block mauls with knives and MaAs can teleport.

  • @Oy lel true

  • Please no.

  • @Skindiacus A bit late to the party, but I think that if Mirage and Chivalry shared a universe we would definitely see signs of either A: The fact that the Agathian attack left an impression. There’s supposed to be a three year gap between the Agathian Civil War and the beginning of the invasion in Tenosia. Implies they were bogged down for months, or at the very least years. That, and I don’t see Bashrahn and the Cabal allying any time soon; from what the lore articles imply both have been around for centuries.

  • @Xenokkah What if I told you that there was signs of the Agathian attack leaving an impression? According to my theory, the Agathian invasion happened 3 years before the war in Nankur. This means that the events of Chivalry and Mirage happen at the same time.
    A bunch of parallels can be drawn:

    Agatha: A nation with a giant army that was weakened by the crusade.
    Masons: A group of rebels that attacked when their enemies were weakened.

    Bash: A nation with a giant army that was weakened by the crusade.
    Cabal: A group of rebels that attacked when their enemies were weakened.

    Basically, I’m saying that the war in Tenosia started civil wars in both empires/emirates. It makes sense. Why else could the Cabal have gotten strong enough to challenge the Bash? You want me to believe that they are stupid enough to exile a group of people larger than their own army?

  • @Skindiacus Presumably, the exile thing has been happening over an extended period of time, because apparently conflict over the usage of the Jinn has been going on since its very first usage. To avoid a longer conflict, I’m still very iffy that Mirage and Chivalry are in the same universe.

  • @Xenokkah It’s true. They’ve been getting outcast by the Bash for a long time. That brings up another question: Why attack now?
    What was the turning point that made the Cabal march on Bash city that day? For Chivalry, it was the death of Argon. Wouldn’t it make sense to be the exact same conflict for Mirage?


    • releases a game which vaguely mentions another desert continent
    • announces game that takes place on a desert continent

    Come on.

  • @Skindiacus As Quoted from the article, “Battles began between the Bashrahni Emirate and the Azar Cabal only a short time after the systematic removal of “embraced” Djinn users began in the city.” Implies that Bashrahn and the Cabal have been trading blows for years. Should also mention that all three Lore Articles repeatedly call the land Nankur. As you might imagine, Nankur =/= Tenosia.

  • @Xenokkah said in Mirage's first fantheory:

    As you might imagine, Nankur =/= Tenosia.

    This can be explained by language. Nankur just means Tenosia in Nankish.

  • Nankish? Typical racist white male. It’s Nankrosian.

  • @Oy Oh. My bad.

  • okay so I’m not saying this proves my theory, but in the ar_cellblock map, you can get a glimpse of what appears to be an Agatha Knights lion:
    0_1495675922982_Agatha in Mirage.jpg

    I’m just saying, if a war like that did take place, certainly we would see some Agathian prisoners of war, no?

  • 0_1499988128577_Disprooflul.JPG

  • Banned

    Wud be kinda sik if there was a reference to chiv or theory was true

  • @Skindiacus well it was just a theory. A GAME THEORY!!!

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