Tinker, Mines + Hook shot suggestion

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    What if Tinker could hook a mine and ALSO drag it like a spell?

    I’ve made an example scenario of how could it be used (Tinker should be a little further back to be actually able to drag it without blowing off hers face instantly).

    At first I was wondering if it’s not too strong but there’s certain risk to it, lets say an enemy gets too close to you so both end up getting damaged and you’ve just wasted an ability cooldown AND a mine.

    Another use that I was thinking of is hooking a nearby mine when you’re outnumbered even if it means also potentially hurting yourself because you might strike multiple people at once - kamikaze style.

  • Being able to hook a friendly Alchemancer out of trouble so you can protect them would be fun too.

    Or any team-mate about to be struck by a boulder

  • I feel like the Taurent also deserves some kind of hook ability, to pull those kiting alchemancers to him

  • Developer

    I love this suggestion!

    We’ve talked about making mines hookable but dragging them afterwards? Awesome.
    Hookable mines we’ll try soon so we’ll see how that feels first, I’ll keep this in the backlog of awesome things to eventually try though.

    Her Vacuum/black hole bomb ability already pulls projectiles and players in but it will also be able to pull her mines in, this is the kind of interaction we’re starting to think more and more about so ideas like these are great, nothing is too crazy for Mirage.

  • @Vesros Except dual wielding c|:^)

  • Speaking of hooking…

    What if hookshots could also interact with level geometry so that it would act as a grappling hook when used on a wall, but when used on mines or players, it has a different effect.

  • @The-Science… I could imagine that becoming rather annoying, imagine you miss your opponent, or they dodge your grappling hook, and instead you hit the wall behind them, which would instead of pull them towards you/your team, you instead end up pulling yourself towards them and their team.
    Maybe having it as a separate ability on the F key for evasive maneuvers could be an option for better control?

  • Potentially annoying, also potentially awesome… but I can definitely see what you are saying, it would be fun to have a grappling hook of some kind (think Just Cause) but I think the only way to know for sure would be to test it. If it doesnt work as part of hook shot, then the better idea may be to have it as another ability, although may the devs already have this planned?

    As a defensive maneuver deflecting a Tinker’s hook into a wall and have them get pulled to you would be hilarious… or deflecting the shot into one of their teammates and having that teammate pulled away from you instead.

  • Developer

    We’ve tried this before and went away from it due to the reason Xylvion put up.
    We did separate the ability into 2, grapple hook for tinker and a Vypress move that pulls you to a location (will be enabled in the next build).

  • Thant’s awesome Vesros, thanks for the heads up.

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