Alchemancer Enhancement Suggestions

  • If you plan to keep him with no melee weapon this here is my suggestions to make him playable:

    1.) Reduce cool cool down on the RMB push back thing to 1 second after the entire animation finishes.
    2.) Allow his primary target to flinch.
    3.) Increase the distance of his F teleport ability.
    4.) Give him that hop step ability every other class has that helps avoid attacks.

    How this will help:

    Right now the problem is when you are rushed down you become an insta kill target. If you are able to flinch, then dodge back, flinch and dodge back some more, it would be a way for a skilled player to actually kite an opponent who is unable to block the LMB from the alchemancer. The cool down the current LMB just leaves you a sitting duck and is near useless since you can easily be ran down and killed. The teleport distance is also too short with how large some of the maps are, with the high ground potentially being across a room.

    ALTERNATIVE(or addition):
    Give him an ability that replaces his F skill with a summoned dagger. This dagger will be usable for 10 seconds and has a cool down of 25. It is an emergency weapon that he can pull out and use to either kill the enemy or defend himself until his team comes. It is a trade off since he won’t be able to teleport and run but will be able to fight for a short duration. Since he is meant to be a back liner anyways, this could be an interesting way to give him a panic button.

    ALT 2:
    Scrap the design and give him a permanent dagger.

  • I personally think they should simply rework him to have an actual melee weapon, and make his current LMB one of the abilities you can choose, with the obvious benefit of it being that it has no cooldown unlike other powers.

  • I think the current RMB is cool, especially how you can blow back projectiles

    I think it should work as it does currently, but also a block with a cooldown - successfully parrying a melee attack will knock you further back than a normal RMB press

    This also requires the Alchemancer to be able to read a feint or a drag in order to survive against good players

    It’d be an easy solution to just rework him like a chiv archer, where he’s vulnerable with “ranged weapons” out and switches to melee, but i think there’s an element of creativity possible with this class. I do think though, if you catch an alchemancer with his pants down (out of position or otherwise) he should really be in trouble, just like an archer in chiv would be

  • I like that idea, perhaps a conjurable weapon spell/ability could fit the Alchemancer, similar to Skyrim:

    It would give him a melee weapon while still maintaining his “mage” feel. Azar Cabali flaming sword - imagine how cool would that be.

    It has to be a basic, built-in ability though and by that I mean: NOT one of those three abilities you pick as your loadout (Q, E and F) because it would become a “mandatory” ability that you always need to pick.

    So for example, pressing V would conjure a sword. The conjuring itself will need a windup/casting time so Alchemancer has to decide if he should take the risk and keep shooting projectiles or play it safe by conjuring a sword. The conjuring time would also assure that we’d have the advantage against an Alchemancer if we ambushed/surprised/caught him off guard.

    Also I think you shouldn’t be able to cast spells while holding a conjured weapon, you’d need to “desummon” it by pressing V again.

    @ChuckingIt’s idea of making it one of the F abilities might work better when I think of it now, having both blink and melee weapon might be too OP. Testing needed.

  • Not having a weapon distinguishes the class I think which is in line with the magic user.

    On some objectives there are spots he can get high, rain down fire and use teleport to get down and back up. I agree other objectives its a little too easy to become a sitting duck.

    With additional the defensive capabilities the LMB needs to be slowed down (needs a slight slow down anyway).
    I dont think we want to add flinch since he usually attacks you when you are in melee. Increasing teleport range might get him into too many glitchy places but otherwise its reasonable.

    Hop would be fine, RMB faster cool down would be fine, would have to make sure he cant just outrun a Taurant backwards.

    I like the summon sword but perhaps its a bit of a cheat to get around not having a weapon.

    Alternatively just add another attack to stab/overhead to make his LMB last spammy, either of those could

    • be short range
    • smaller damage
    • pushes opponent back or does something similar to RMB
    • longer windup

  • I think that simple open palm hits would work well. Have parry be some type of small spell shield. I personally would rather have that than the winged back, but give him the jump back ability that every other class has.

  • Well I’ve mained archer in chivalry for a good year and a bit now so naturally when playing mirage, i went for the ranged class, the abilities are perfect and balanced imo, the back dodge is perfect, everything is perfect, I think all alchemancer needs is some sort of parry mechanic or melee weapon so its not completely useless when you get rushed or you have to go in melee range.

  • I think the best overall scenario for the Alchemancer is for different actual weapon loadouts to be brought into the game.

    Two loadouts for the Alchemancer: One with his normal fireball LMBs, and one with an actual melee weapon.

    In regards to his actual current LMBs, they need something done to them. Considering his current parry thing has a cooldown/overheat mechanic on it, I think the same should apply to his LMBs. Let him fire them as fast as he currently can for a few shots, and then it should get incrementally slower until he’s shooting really slow in comparison to when he first started. As it stands right now, he’s just ridiculously powerful when he has teammates to get the aggro off of him.

  • @ToLazy4Name said in Alchemancer Enhancement Suggestions:
    I like those ideas, I’m sure its going to change so keen to see the next version.

  • The entropist can shoot projectiles by using alt lmb while still being able to attack with his staff in melee. The alchemancer could have something similar.

  • @Cass yea

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