Empty Servers (ps4)

  • Hallo there. Im a little pissed… I bought the game 2 days ago on ps4. I made the tutorials and then i wanted to play online… But on every mode and every Server location im the only Person on the Server… What is this? Please help me.

  • Banned

    Should have bought an Xbox one that’s the problem…

  • Sometimes happens for me too, but if I quit and search again I’m usually thrown into a fairly populated server.

    There’s usually plenty of folk on either TO, TDM or FFA, however LTS heavily depends on the time of day and the server you choose. Which continental region are you trying to play in? Europe and East US seem to be the most popular on PS4 as far as I’m aware so I’d try those first.

    See you on the battlefield lad and don’t let this put you off!

  • @Chudder thanks!
    On the us east Server it now worked for me. Now i can enjoy the game

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