Comboing Spells

  • So admittedly, I’ve not been able to put as much time into testing as I’d like. Most of my playtime has been spent with the Taurant class, who I feel has a rather unique and diverse set of abilities, so most of this post will be with that class in mind (though I’m sure all other classes have comparable abilities). In particular, I really think the whirlwind attack has a great level of utility to escape and/or win a 1vX situation, especially when used as a riposte attack. However, what I feel really limits my freedom of combat and forces a total disconnect between the fluidity of melee combat and the utility of the spells is the inability to connect that spell with a combo. Beyond the additional danger of a new mechanic for the opponent to mitigate (and of course the style points you’d get for finishing an opponent with a spell-combo), it allows the player a new degree of freedom as they’re able to choose the correct attack to deal with incoming opponents depending on the circumstances (comboing out into a leap-slam to deal with multiple incoming enemies, for example).

    I don’t have any concrete ideas on how to integrate that so that it’s even across the board (obviously, some spells may not work in that regard), but is there any potential for allowing us to queue spells for comboing?

  • I think this is a great idea

    currently magic feels out of place and badly contrasts the melee - being able to combo all your abilities would make every class feel way smoother and intuitive, and would allow some sick target switching/1vX plays as well as allowing some nice transitioning animations which would make the game look really impressive visually

    May be a lot of work, though

  • CMW Combos
    With CMW and the maul if you waited too long to combo (which I assume is the start of the recovery time) it is long time before you can do another attack. That is I assume the 1.1 seconds per the spreadsheet. Consequently comboing the maul saves a ton of time.

    It was mentioned the greatsword was similar in timing, again due to a 0.8 second “lockout” it is very noticeable.

    Taurant LMB Combos
    Taurant LMB combo you can either do a regular combo, or you can can wait until the last milliseconds of the animation (I assume the end of the release) and he will do an alt attack after the main attack. There is no “lockout”. Now that may be by design to take a away the frustration of clicking to attack and the character doing nothing to respond.

    Spell Combos
    Certainly you can queue up a spell (e.g. whirlwind) and it will execute immediately after your swing.
    You can also riposte with a spell too. Here is what comboing whirlwind looks like

    The Issue
    When I first tested, I was in the training room with a stream of bots and was comboing back and forth and at the same time I was mashing the spell keys trying to fire off a spell and it appeared completely unresponsive, none of the spells were firing.

    And it still doesnt:

    • if you click away at LMB and press the spell key, your LMB constant clicks will override the spell.
    • I think this is side effect of being able combo extremely late (during your recovery)
    • You must stop clicking attacks to let the spell fire
    • Even you stop clicking attacks sometimes it still will not fire example:
      – LMB comboing into Overhead comboing into whirlwind: I think that is a bug but will wait for next build before testing a lot of the melee queuing

    The Fix
    In general what I would like to see in order to give players excellent visual feedback on the melee depth of the game is a representation of what is currently in the queue

    For example lets say a did a LMB and then queued up another melee attack

    • I would see a small mace icon showing it was coming.

    If I then pressed a whirlwind

    • E button would be shaded or look pressed down to respond that I pressed it
    • The “queue” icon would change to a whirlwind

    Same with all comboing things - melee, spells, parry, so pressing parry to override the E button goes back to normal and the icon becomes something else

  • @gregcau combing is different to queuing though - queuing has always felt like a badly responsive feature whereas cmw combos or fighting games combos feel great and fluid

    Combo speeds should be faster than individual presses(queuing is hardly), but competitive balancing should be balanced around combos if they were implemented

  • @daniel10x Ahh I see what you are saying, I forgot combo times are slightly faster.

    Yes that would be great, certainly raises the bar and helps tackle multiple opponents better.

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