CPU/Video card - what FPS do you get?

  • On CMW I get 60 FPS at the highest settings (never got around to successfullly uncapping it).

    On Mirage I get (updated below)

    GeForce GTX 870M
    Intel i7-4710HQ @ 2.50 GHz

    Its a laptop graphics card, and I’m guessing its the equivalent of a 5 year old mid range video card, hard to tell.

    I confirmed it is used if I select the executable (Reithur confirmed which below)


    What FPS does everyone else get (with what card / CPU). using uncapfps doesnt make any difference for me (Reithur confirmed that is for AMD)

    Below with 3 other stationary players, FPS is average, 60 is the cap not sure if I can override

    • TO-ravine_top_p
      – Epic ( 29 ) : High ( 41 ) : Medium ( 60 )
    • TO-gov_garden_p
      – Epic ( 34) : High ( 50 ) : Medium ( 60 )
    • TO-gov_palace_p
      – Epic ( 32) : High ( 44 ) : Medium ( 60 )

  • Radeon 7950 3GB

    i5-4670k @ 3.4 ghz

    On all medium settings, I get mostly consistent 60 FPS on Mirage. I can play Chiv on the highest settings and get consistent 60 outside of a few maps (Irilla, Forest, etc).

  • gtx 670 and an i7 2600k.

    using uncapfps I was getting 80-90 fps on max settings, bearing in mind that player count will drastically make it drop.

  • i5 3570K @4 Ghz
    EVGA 970

    Solid 60 FPS with vsync on. Will have to do a proper check next session.

    Cheers for putting the EU server up.

  • Thanks for starting this thread; I was going to put one up this week!

    The executables you’re looking to manually add to your GPU app are in the Latte\TBL\Binaries\Win64 folder. Add both TBL.exe and TBL-Win64-Shipping.exe to the list.

    Anyone using an AMD card should use the uncapfps console command or you’ll be stuck with low framerate.

  • GTX 780
    i7-4770k 3.6ghz
    between 80-120 fps with all settings on high
    Player count for this fps is between 4-8
    Not sure how it will handle with 16+

  • Thanks for starting this thread! Another really helpful piece of info to have is which map(s) you measured FPS on, and approximately where in that map. Also, like Gauntlet, mentioning player count can be very helpful as well.

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