Why Clan KiLa is banned from Jedi Fight Night

  • To answer KiLa-Killercam’s question on why I would not add him to my friend’s list to have a “civil discussion” on this matter.

    Clan KiLa has never been interested in a civil discussion in the past, and when I added Cookiemonster or Tuxy’s accounts in the past the attacks would get worse therefore I do not add KiLa members any longer.

    Here’s some screenshots and wireshark packets of Cookiemonster on multiple accounts and another of Tuxy and his “friends” who I have to assume are also part of KiLa since Cookiemonster had so many alt accounts, the rest must as well. Plus in this particular situation with Tuxy I had changed my server name to Clan KiLa uses hacks and guess what they did? They came in 6 deep using hacks and shut my server down with attacks.

    The list of names you see with Tuxy were all hacking on my server after I banned them all my server was shut down by their corresponding IP addresses. When I added Tuxy or Cookiemonster’s accounts to my friends list the attacks happened far more frequently this is why I do not add KiLa members for “civil discussion” any longer because you guys have proven yourself incapable of such a thing multiple times. I would also like to add that after this exact situation with Tuxy my internet service went down for over a week before I could get my ISP to change my IP address to stop the attack and restore my internet service. It was extremely frustrating and completely uncalled for and very uncivil. It also rendered my server inactive for the past 6 months.

    Therefore I will be banning ALL KiLa members and IF I can go at least 6 months without being harassed, trolled or attacked then I might reconsider KiLa as a group who IS now capable of being civil, however if you guys cannot take your ban in stride this will just go to strengthen my current opinion that you guys are incapable of being civil.

    You may notice the date of Tuxy’s attack was November 29th and the following day on the 30th my service was down as a whole. I would also like to add that November 29th was my birthday and it was a great way to spend it, thanks KiLa for the great birthday present guys.

    Cookiemonster being Cookiemonster

    One of many alt accounts from Cookiemonster

    Tuxy and his friends, pretty sure Iquisitor Gabrial is Cookiemonster as his alt account in the other screenshot is Gabriel_The_Great and hence my assumption that ALL of them are KiLa members(as well as the fact that my server was named Clan KiLa uses hacks at that exact point in time).

    The screenshot of the hackers banned

    Here are screenshots of the serverlog of them being banned/reconnecting automatically and the resulting disconnection of everyone else in the server from their attack in chronological order.





    Here is a screenshot of the resulting DDOS attack on my server

    Here is a screenshot of wireshark of the DDOS attack occuring on my internet service the following day.

    I would also like to add when I presented this evidence to the official admin chatroom I was kicked out of chat and told that I do not know what a DDOS attack is and the offenders were allowed to continue their abuse. This forces me to conclude that KiLa has support from the admin team to use hacks and attacks on servers to bring them out of service.

    I also understand that in my screenshots you do not see multiple attacking IP addresses which is technically a DDOS over a simple DOS attack however this is only due to my laziness of taking more screenshots to show you all of the offending IP addresses. I do still have the wireshark packets with ALL of the offending IP addresses but feel it is unnecessary to upload them as I have shown enough.

    tl;dr: If Clan KiLa can take their current ban in a civil manner I will reconsider them in the future and lift the ban. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • LOLs well the first I have heard of this dumbass drama was last night and sadly the reason why you were kicked out of chat is probably because that is no proof of anything. There have been |ĶأĻă| impersonators over the years impersonating members and trolling under our banner, We have even had many players from other countries literally steal our TAG. A quick search for |ĶأĻă| or |Kila| will prove this to be true with over 1200+ similar names, not only that do you know how many CookieMonsters (over 195,000) there are on steam? LOLS

    Daddy FuckPants/Jen and a number of his aliases was notorious for doing this even on this fourms. This is nothing new and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was back up to his old tactics. Our CookieMonster has not worn the tag in months and pretty much quit playing chiv a while ago, has not been to practice or scrims in months either. So I have no idea who your perp is. And honestly don’t care. We have the oldest clan in chiv going on 11 years and I have seen it all.

    Your pathetic assumptions are on you son. You want to blame an entire clan of the actions of a player that you cannot even confirm who it is, let alone one of our old members that hasn’t played with us since last year, go right ahead. A ddos attack the following day is not proof either, again your assumptions. Shit if I cried and whined every time our server got hit… Shit happens. Hell we had our TS hacked and harassed for about a year so did other clan’s TS and servers where hit by |ĶأĻă| impersonators till I could get that shit semi locked down and others realized that it wasn’t us. It is the nature of douche nuggets trolls on the internet.

    As far as I know KillerCam and one of his friends would occasionally play on your server because it was lasersword… whootity fucking doo!! We have our own server and have ran servers since Age of Chivalry. Thus no sweat off of our back as I can load that mod any time we want. We just dont want too or care. I might just do it for shits and grins.

    KillerCam hit me up last night about this pathetic drama as he was just trying to rectify it to his credit. But I see no proof that it is “Our” Cookie nor the same guy with alt accounts. Unless you can provide matching IP addresses per accounts and steam IDs, this is much ado about nothing and clearly you over reacting. You have a small server with a few star wars fan boys and noobs playing and really not all that relevant in the big scheme of things so do what you want man, it is your server. No one cares about your very ignorant and vapid false accusations or your pathetic ego power trip you are on.

  • @Retsnom-The-Great

    This is the cookiemonster I had to deal with and had to block on steam. (As you might notice one of his alias is InfectedPoon from when he was trolling/hacking/attacking my servers.)
    This is the Tuxy I had to deal with and block on steam.

    The simple fact that you cannot even accept the possibility that your clan members are responisble and want to accuse me of going on a pathetic ego power trip instead speaks volumes of the type of character you all have been in the past and continue to be as anyone can clearly see here now.

    There is nothing left to discuss between us, if your clan can refrain from trolling, harassment and attacking my server for the next 6 months then that will speak louder then any words you can say here now. Time will tell what kind of clan KiLa is these days, and only time.

    Also take note that this incident happened 6 months ago, so making up excuses for Cookiemonster and Tuxy as not being active now has absolutely nothing to do with 6 months ago.

    I would like to end by thanking you for how civil you have been in your response to this matter as well it shows real class and character and speaks on behalf of your clan as a whole.

    After looking through your Clan’s Group Page, which is membership by invite only, this is what I have found.

    A Moderator to your Clan’s Group Page VAC Banned 125 days ago

    Members of your Group Page with VAC Bans

    Here’s a member with two accounts because one was VAC banned.
    Legolas banned
    Legolas’ new account that is not VAC banned, yet.

    This member is not banned but I love his choice of artwork as it shows perfectly what Clan KiLa is all about.

  • @InfectedShrooms BWAHAHAA are you fucking kidding me? just because they were once fans of clan page doesn’t mean they are actual members or even active members, most of those are indeed not members of the actual clan for years. I used to keep the page open so anyone could join till I started getting harassed by actual hackers that is when it became invite only. LOLS not only that son but are you really grasping at straws considering that most all of the single VAC bans were YEARS AGO! Hello? SirTokesALot was never a member… SMDH. Not only that but a few of them were just young and stupid and tried cheat engine not knowing any better. One got a VAC ban over 10 years ago… please you are a moron.

    Sounds like you got trolled and grasping at for a cause and someone to blame for your incompetence in running a piss-ant little server.

    OH and Usurper hasn’t been a member for well over a year and hasn’t played Chiv in easily that long. He did indeed got hacked by Daddy fuckpants and simply thought it was funny. If you were even paying attention that pic was posted last year… man son you are so clueless it hurts my side laughing.

    Sorry you are getting trolled but not by any of my real tagged clan members. Again you have little proof, you have no evidence of IP addresses from within the game or admin tool. LOLS it is not hard to go to the clan page and pull steam IDs and claim what ever you want. You need IP addresses and steam ID from within game to even be considered legit. But hey I get it, you need to feel powerful, in control and a justice warrior for your humble little server. Have at it. No one cares about you, your server, who you ban or why…

    Thus I again, really don’t care what you believe or even think. You got trolled you dealt with it, nice job. Banning an entire clan based off of one troll and then whining about it not really knowing what the fuck you are talking about? HILARIOUS…

  • @Retsnom-The-Great Thank you for humoring me again with your gracious demeanor representing so perfectly the rest of your “clan”. I will miss you all so dearly, as will the rest of Jedi Fight Night’s community I’m sure. Let’s end this name calling and temper tantrums and move on like the grown adults I assume we both are. Thank you again for your wonderful replies hope to hear from you again but hopefully not too soon.

  • @InfectedShrooms LOLs Lasersword community? You mean all 13 of you? You were an ignorant jerk when you played Chiv and no different now that you are the self proclaimed leader of the “Resistance” and StarWars mod nerds. Congrats. I think I may have played that mod, maybe once or twice. The only real tagged clan member that played on your humble server was Killercam and he played with a friend. We pretty much play MERCS and vanilla when we are bored. so good luck with your precious little server.

    Then you mention acting like adults… BWAHAHAHA ok son, only children punish everyone for what one person does that you cannot even prove who that is… Pathetic son.

  • @Retsnom-The-Great

    Reading over this it does seem a bit silly to ban an entire clan for unidentified trolls. Although it doesn’t give someone the right to act so rude towards a conflict even if it’s a small one. Forgive me for continuing a topic such as this but I hope you do understand Retsnom that this is something Infected holds dear. No matter the size of his server population something like this is quite uncalled for and pressing a person’s buttons and acting toward an accusation with such arrogance doesn’t help you or your clan’s name. Yes I understand this is minor in your point of view but despite that it still offers you the choice to respond in your own way and I must say you come off like you’re trying to engage in a conflict more than solve the one at hand.

    Those are my two cents, I apologize if my tone seems like I’m accusing you or your clan but I’m just pointing out your responses towards this don’t seem the least bit helpful beyond stating the lack of evidence.

    (I pray I don’t trigger more drama…)

  • @ZedHead

    I just want to reiterate one simple fact that cannot be denied and proves that I was not attacked by some “unidentified trolls.”

    This is Cookiemonster’s list of alias’ for his steam profile.
    “This user has also played as:
    |ĶأĻă| Cuckiemonster
    |KiLa| EZmonster
    |ĶأĻă| Cookiemoonster
    |KiLa| Cookiemonster
    |KiLa| Cookie Strudel
    |KiLa| Cookimonster
    |ĶأĻă| Cookiemonster

    As you notice in my screenshot he is using “|KiLa| Cookiemonster”. I wish I took more screenshots from this time period because I could have easily grabbed a few with him under the name “InfectedPoonz” as well. Please explain why Cookiemonster has such a weird alias compared to the rest of his alias’. It would seem to me InfectedPoonz is awfully close to InfectedShroomz which is the only alias I have ever used on steam, but no I must be mistaken because Cookiemonster hasn’t been wearing a KiLa tag in months (despite the fact that this happened 6 months ago.)

    DISCLAIMER TO THE READERS: If you have any intelligence please ignore the following pissing contest, thank you.

    I have ignored all insults because they are the only baseless thing here, a complete waste of time and simply put, a pissing contest. However I will entertain you for one moment.

    Let’s look at the facts about my server for one second.

    1.) It is the only 64 slot lasersword server in the entire world.

    2.) When I ran it out of my home on my personal PC for just 2-3 months before, I had two professional twitch streamers cover my server despite constant trolls and attacks on my server and internet service.

    3.) Now that my server has been back up for just 2 weeks Sir Pink has added me to his friend’s list to do more coverage of my server again. I bet Clan KiLa’s servers get covered by professionals on a regular basis! <— Ironic unnecessary pissing contest comment.

    4.) You tried to imitate my server the same night you said you couldn’t care less about it.

    Real original and mature Clan KiLa.

    A little lonely in there?

    …Oh must have been.

    Gone so soon? You will be severely missed!!

    Just because you cannot understand the evidence I provided does not make it any less valid and coming up with excuses like:

    “There have been |ĶأĻă| impersonators over the years impersonating members and trolling under our banner, We have even had many players from other countries literally steal our TAG. A quick search for |ĶأĻă| or |Kila| will prove this to be true with over 1200+ similar names, not only that do you know how many CookieMonsters (over 195,000) there are on steam? LOLS”


    “It wasn’t us it was someone pretending to be us, look it could literally be over 195,000 other people.”

    When it is CLEARLY not the case should just go to the show the lengths of bullshit you will come up with to avoid responsibility.

    (Congratulations ZedHead I’ve been triggered. ;) )

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