Comeback game strong

  • So I’ve had a realization that this game is dead but it can be brought back to life. I quit this game because I got tired of nothing changing but due to a certain cult (past the point of a clan) in this game getting rid of all the conflict it has created conflict. So I thought why not just do things like the old days and use the idea of the systematic destruction of said cult to fuel a new drive for the game. So all and all im back and part of the dark alliance

  • Dark Alliance forever. Hail.

  • Nah lets call it like it is. I’m getting real fucking tired of SDS throwing their weight around starting shit with me and other players. I’ve tried to be civil with Newage but if he doesn’t want to keep his players on a short leash then I’m gonna do something about it. SDS players are still salty that I left their clan and are sending their goons to mess with me.

    I might throw my lot in with Xylo if this continues. They mess with one of us they mess with DA.

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