Advanced combat techniques with a gamepad

  • I just started playing and have not tried keyboard and mouse controls yet.
    The gamepad feels great though as anyone who tried it can certainly attest to. I am just wondering if it also gets the job done and if full control is possible with a controller. Obviously I want to exempt aiming with ranged weapons and Archers as a whole,not really interested in playing that class too seriously anyway.

    I read about advanced combat controls and some of the more or less unintended stuff in this game, like matrixing, that still needs to be used to compete. And I read about fast and precise camera and character model manipulation required to do these things. I already tried it out a bit but I am not sure it worked right, it certainly looked funny I hope.

    Can all still be done with reasonable effort using a gamepad? Can anybody offer any specific advice for controller settings or bindings?

  • You’ll die every time against someone with duel experience no matter how long you play with a controller

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