Nostalgia and notable people you knew

  • So basically this thread is for people to look back on all of the notable people they have met in this game and their significance to them. I thought it was kind of interesting and it brings back some memories from when I first started playing this game.

  • @AK

    First Clan Encountered: SDS Crew- when I first played this game the very first clan I encountered was the SDS Crew (they weren’t called knights at this time). I found out about them through a MAA named Tulip Delight who dueled me for a few rounds and when I had gotten on the Mic and asked him who he was and how he was so good this is how I first learned about clans in this game.

    First Friend: IPK Mangoking- My first friend that I had made while playing this game was IPK mangoking whom I met through a duel lobby when we were both low level scrubs. Sadly he no longer plays Chivalry anymore and has moved on to other games.

    First Enemy made: Hero Jesterzz- When I used to grind out FFA matches to level up on 360 when Hero Jesterzz joined I would often receive hate mail from him. This led to a small feud and we sent messages back and forth from time to time. Interestingly enough our paths crossed once again when he joined HOG and we fought against each other and then again when he joined SDS later on. He is no longer considered an enemy and is now more of a friend than anything else.

    First Clan Joined: Code Death- wow… what a crazy time that was. We never had a single clan war but we scrimmages many times against SDS, Dreadheads clan and Misfits clan. It was a fun time and eventually I was one of the best in the clan.

    First Serious Duel- My first serious duel was against Zerox who was also in Code Death at the time. We had to duel to decide a starter spot on Code Deaths roster. I won this duel and Zerox later quit the clan to join ATOM and from what I’ve seen, has not appeared in any clan wars.

    My First Leadership Role- Eventually I rose the ranks in Code Death and became a Co-Leader along with LiGiT Panda. We did our best to lead the clan and eventually merged with SDS for mutual benefit.

    First time kicking someone out of a clan- the first person I kicked out of Code Death ( and the only one I ever had to) was Churned Rose who then went on to join HOG and from what I have seen has not appeared in any clan wars since then and eventually stopped playing Chivalry entirely.

    First Big clan rivalry- The first big clan rivalry I had ever been apart of was with SDS and HOG. This feud didn’t last long and eventually HOG fell apart when one of their leaders (Grave Grimm) mysteriously went missing and their other leader Zian D left for PS4 a few months later.

    First Clan War- the first clan war I ever participated in was against HOG


  • I wish I wasn’t so bad at names, if I saw them I’d remember! I <3 you all.
    Back in 2012 when I was a wee lil maa Phathams and anisman taught me the ways of maa and made me who I am today! … well they helped :P

  • We have a thread like this already don’t we? Honourable mentions, I believe.
    Good memoir, ak.

  • @Somervillage said in Nostalgia and notable people you knew:


    I don’t even remember if we won or lost the one I was in. I was only in for 2 of the rounds

  • First friends: a brandi-archer duo, bucknasty and olitehawk. Started off as an arguement over a votekick but salt turned into friendship and we kicked noob ass for months before merging with SDS.

    First clan: technically KOTFO (lord of thrones) but i was only an associate, and my rank was too low for entry.

    SDS. (Met newage, leaningpostghost, and erecthomeless. All roughly level 30s on 360 back then)

    First wingman: Chillin Dylan (DRG). His shit-talk was as filthy as his archer skills. Still pub stomping to this day.

    First feud: with williamdagreat, my former mentor

    First clan war beef: ATOM those combo-feinting somamabitches <3

    First class: spamguard, greatsword.

    First high skill duel: fought masamunekadoya1 on cistern. One low level said “these are two gods fighting” during the duel. I met an untimely demise by his zwei drag when i had the upper hand.

    First ass beating witness: i saw Ryja destroy williamdagreat without taking a scratch and then william votekicked him.

  • Banned

    First friend: Mr NewVegas aka BigOlBoozehound. He was in SDS at the time and much better than me. This was in my mid lv20s, I didn’t talk much just didn’t take the game serious enough to try and meet people.

    Clans: HOG was first, with them for 3-4 days never got an inv to anything so I took their emblem off and went solo till I quit for a few months. Came back after a long time and wanted to get competitive after CoD comp sniping scene went to shit. Joined SDS and quit for a few reasons already mentioned, need not again. Homura a good buddy of mine told me that atom would take me in if I wanted a clan. I asked Kyle and became Atom, at first I got shit on like anyone would, but day by day the shitting on got less worse. After ATOM left chiv I was solo, wanted a clan but waited for a good moment. Now I’m with Skull & Bones, a solid crew and we will see where they take me.

    First rivalry: being the scrub that I am I looked on 360 leaderboards and saw lord of thrones at number 1 so I was like “might as well” and head hunted him ever since.

    How I got “good?”: Like everyone else I believe, got my ass whooped over and over and never gave up. Just watched people like booze hound and realized there’s more to chiv than RT spam. Dylan also helped me when I joined Atom " the ole’ how not to get shit on too bad ya know eh" 101.

  • @AK ye i got PS4 now on ps4 the romer is that zian is best of us east and ser harold on ps4
    have duel with him soon see skillz xD

  • I may as well make one.

    First friend: in chiv I really didn’t make many friends as I started out as a shit disturber, but Xevermitcha I would consider in that spot, haven’t seen him in ages.
    First enemies (double kill):about 24 Llama s and Vegas (now boozehound) began when I was a mere level 10 or so and came across the limp corpse of llamas which I then proceeded to press my balls against continuously, hound has gotten over it but llamas doesn’t like to let things go, needless to say he’s reported my gamer tag changes more than once.

    Clans: started in hog and have been penalized ever since lol, moved onto stygian blades as Charon was the only one to take me in, missed many wars due to work and poor timing so decided to form my own clan with a friend heroicsieg, it lasted 2 months but I’ve made lasting friends throughout that time and rarely stopped laughing, briefly in tcf but no longer, lone Wolfing it for the time being but I fight for my friend general firefly when needed.
    First class: attempted Maa when I discovered how to duck…i still duck more than I should but dumped the Maa.

    First high skill duel: against reborn as a tryout for hog of sorts, I was a spam guard at the time and rt was my best friend, got wooped.
    Gank buddy: my friend in real life flamehedz now seen as WEINER DEMEANOR, barely plays anymore
    This was fun to make I may even expand on it, nice idea ak

  • One of, if not the first, lobbies I played in had Yanniblaze on my team. We were the only ones with mics so I followed him around and listened to his advice.
    Got to be friends with a lot of Clan members, and more than a few old Clan leaders…too many to name.
    And then there’s BuckWyld, FL Big Dog, and a chick named Corporate Oak- I tip a pint to them for some great battles and advice.
    First real duel was with General Firefly, whupped my ass with a smile. Probably not as easy nowadays…
    Sorry if I didn’t mention your name, but there have been so many people I’ve met and learned from.

  • Banned

    @Gnarlydude You mean yanniblaze wasn’t screaming at the top of his lungs, raging after he dies, sending hate mail before switching to the same team to kill his enemy with maul hit trading team damage ? Wow impressive…

  • @Somervillage dont worry about xever bruh, hes beating ass on pc chiv :)

  • My nomination for rise to greatness: zombies. Who would have ever though this level 20 knight would be #1 back then jebus.

  • @Vade I had heard of such things. In fact, I also remember him being under a voice ban for awhile. But he never freaked out during any of our games.

  • @Gnarlydude said in Nostalgia and notable people you knew:

    @Vade I had heard of such things. In fact, I also remember him being under a voice ban for awhile. But he never freaked out during any of our games.

    Have never heard Yanni talk. I did hear however that he was one of the guys that set up lobbies full of bots on DW to get to highest rank in the world on xbox 360.

  • Ill add some more…

    First main weapons and class: MAA w\ Morning star and a sabre with a Firepot of course.

    Some interesting trivia about me: I wanted to get this game the day it came to console but I couldn’t because I didn’t have any Microsoft points and also the credit card on my account was glitched and wouldn’t work. So I actually played the demo for about 6 months straight fighting against bots. When I finally did get the game I had never been so pumped to play a game in my entire life.

    Another fun fact… I was introduced to Dark Souls through Chivalry. Me and a friend made a deal that if I could beat Dark Souls he would play Chivalry and give it a try. I eventually beat Dark Souls and after Chiv came out for Xbox one my friend got it, played it a couple of times and never played it again because he always had so much ping in every kind of server. Just interesting how 2 of my favorite games of all time are connected in a sense

  • I guess I’ll be that guy note “UndeadOdin” as a notable player. He was the first 1# until level 38, afterall.

  • @General-Firefly said in Nostalgia and notable people you knew:

    I guess I’ll be that guy note “UndeadOdin” as a notable player. He was the first 1# until level 38, afterall.

    laugh does he still play?

  • @AK said in Nostalgia and notable people you knew:

    @General-Firefly said in Nostalgia and notable people you knew:

    I guess I’ll be that guy note “UndeadOdin” as a notable player. He was the first 1# until level 38, afterall.

    laugh does he still play?

    Christ no. laugh
    He quit before I was level 20

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