Feedback regarding Abilities as of Build 52101.

  • Considering we now have several more abilities to select from when we pick the different classes and there being a few updates to the old ones, for example the new animations when the tinker places her mines or the backflip at the end of dervish, I figured it would be a good idea to start a thread about how the abilities work and perform as of right now. There are some abilities that I’ve mentioned issues with in the past and I will most likely give similar feedback on them.
    I still think that the ability slots need to be somewhat balanced as well, for example having tsunami(forgot the new name of it) on a different slot than ward strike isn’t a good idea in my opinion, but more about that later.
    I also still really want the ability to cancel abilities as I think it’s an important aspect of the game, therefor it would be important to easily be able to diffrentiate between windup and release of any ability.
    Ranged Abilities should also count allies as a wall, meaning you can’t throw shurikens through your allies and tsunami won’t passthrough them and hit the enemies behind. I think it’s a good idea for 1vX play where you will most likely end up having someone shoot stuff at you at some point and having to parry a projectile going through your enemy is just a pain in the ass atm.
    I will make another thread in the near future with ability suggestions.


    I have no idea why you moved slam hog and rock throw from the taurant and to the alchemancer, but there’s probably a good explanation for that, but it’s quite annoying to not have any projectile at all on the class, even though rock throw was slow and easily avoided it was still a good attack. ( @Reithur Taurant tennis )

    • Shove: it’s a new move, it does seem to deal damage, although not a lot, which makes sense, I would expect the move to have far more knockback than it actually did as it seemed to only be a quick interrupt attack. Either way, the ability needs a lot more telegraphing, I would suggest changing it completely as I do like the idea of a knockback attack, but not in the form of a push; instead I’d suggest it to be a stomp that more or less causes a shockwave similar to that of the vigilist “Tsunami” but shorter and as a 360 attack. it dealing low damage is still a good idea, but I feel that a stomp could easily be telegraphed better than just the quick shove which is very hard to notice.

    • Explosive Stab: First off, it’s a punch not a stab. Secondly, I absolutely love the attack, it seems to be a really strong close range move which makes the strength of it all the more reasonable. I would like to see a bit more Michael bay over it, a larger explosion and perhaps slightly move knockback once it hits. Killing someone with it and sending them flying is lovely however.

    • Self heal: I really liked this feature when it was on R, although it felt a bit OP that every class could do it whenever they felt like it, I think it fits really well for the taurant especially now that there’s a cooldown on it. It’s also a move you don’t want to use at every given time in the battle as it leaves you vulnerable. Would also be neat to have it interrupt when you take fall damage.

    • Whirlwind: I don’t mind the attack, but the release is a bit too long still, I’d prefer it to be shorter, that way you could allow people to riposte against it as well as the user not staying vulnurable for whatever amount of time the release now takes. I hate it when I parry the whirlwind and the perpetrator can then combo an attack at me and flinch my riposte. If I get hit by the attack, I can instead flinch his combo, which feels off to me.

    • Leap Slam: The taurant still lingers for too long in the air making it really hard to parry reliably, I would like to see the circle of impact, similar to the vigilist disperse or the whirlwind attack appear before the taurant lands, and if possible after the ability can’t be canceled.

    *Charge: I really like this attack, although I feel it could be slightly longer. I do have a few problems with it though, if I hit my opponent they can easily start an attack and hit me before the attack is over. Maybe it should have slightly higher knockback and that would help it, or perhaps active parry during the charge itself?


    The abilities on the alchemancer are okay, they all seem to work fine .

    • Phoenix eggball thing: It works just fine, you can throw it out, shoot a fireball, then start dragging your projectile to really put your enemy in place, I see no downsides to it, I also don’t think the ability is OP.

    • Big Blast: Not a fan of the ability to throw it behind an enemy instead of at them and having it deal damage, but otherwise there’s nothing wrong with the ability.

    • Rock Throw: I hope it makes its way back to the Taurant in the near future.

    • Teleport: Has way too short cooldown, especially now that the Alchemancer can actually parry too.

    • Levitate: Not enough air control, I’d suggest having it last for 8 seconds, but speed up the movement compared to when on the ground while also being able to ascend and descend by using the jump and crouch keys. (The same should be done for the entropist’s carpet imo.)


    Her ability layout is quite interesting and I look forward to seeing the other skills you guys have planned for her. You all know I’m not a fan of the dual wielding, but that’s got nothing to do with the abilities themself.

    • Dash Attack: It’s a great attack that works fine, the telegraphing isn’t too long or too short right now, it seems to be possible to parry it, while also using it as a getaway tactic or actually hitting enemies with it by luring them to attack. Overall a great move.

    • Shadow Kick: I love the control you have over it, it feels a bit weird that I can float up into the air with it though, even so it gives me more freedom over the attack. I love doing full 180 attacks and really following my enemy whilst I use the ability.

    • Shurikens: Too many and too fast. The limit should be down to 1 instead, having a vypress throw 2 or 3 consecutive shurikens is about as annoying as parrying an alchemancer’s LMB spam. having a limit on 1 would mean they’re not too fast anymore, you can easily see them telegraph, the problem is the speed between throws which could be shortened, but I still feel that 3 are too many to have stored up.

    • Power Whip: I like the ability itself, however, the particles should be on the left hand weapon (even though I hate dual wielding), that’s because both the stab and slash variants use the lefthand weapon and not the right, the right is only used for the overhead in which case the vypress actually uses both weapons. The current “bug” that lets you stack them doesn’t feel too OP, considering your effect disappears if you get hit and they’re not as fast between throws as shurikens, neither can you drag them in the air and they also don’t bounce, while still having a longer cooldown.

    • Phase: Right now it seems like I can’t phase through enemies, but maybe I’m mistaken, because that would really be a helpful addition to it, otherwise it’s quite good atm, seems like it got a slight range boost since the previous build too, which is neat.

    • Pounce: Really good ability to get away fast.


    The vigilist really needs some slot changes, tsunami and wardstrike shouldn’t be on the same slot for balance reasons.

    • Ward Strike: A good ability, well telegraphed, slightly draggable, easy to use, easy to parry, probably the most well balanced ability in game atm. I assume when ability collision makes it into the game it will also reflect every incoming ability as well as parry attacks from enemies etc.

    • Impaler: A lot better than a few builds ago, the range actually seems decent atm, I lvoe how I get knockbacked when someone parries it, however I’m not entirly sure I like the grapplinghook drag on it considering that’s sorta the Tinker’s thing.

    • Disperse: I still think the jump needs to have more altitude, atm regular attacks can hit the vigilist as she tries to perform it. Alternatively she could have movement during the ability, but I believe a really high altitude attack would be the better idea, her striking down, dealing divine judgement on everything below.

    • Tsunami: It’s a bit too slow when you turn during windup of it. Otherwise it works fine, however I don’t think it should be on the same slot as the melee attack, but stay on the ranged path with impaler (Could arguably be on the same slot as disperse) and wardstrike.

    • Iron Dome: Still needs more telegraphing as it just suddenly happens when the vigilist raises her arm not notifying the enemy at all of the attack incoming. The dome itself seems fine and can be destroyed after a certain amount of hits. I would suggest making it so that only ranged attacks from the inside, both friendly and enemy ones, would work, but both alllied and enemy attacks from the outside would get stopped by it.

    • Healing Well: Seems to only do one pulse with a low amount of HP, instead it could be lowered even more and have multiple pulses going, it should also be possible to destroy it by melee attacks, perhaps also abilities.


    The tinker has some really interesting abilities, the sandstorm one that’s greyed out sounds really different and I can’t wait to see it in action.

    • Grappling hook: New lightning particles around the wrist whilst firing it? they look neat. The projectile itself seems to be slightly slower atm and a bit easier to notice otherwise it’s a neat ability that can be used properly with mines and hopefully in some way together with the sandstorm and other trap abilities later on.

    • Bouncy Disk: The particle emitter or something on it makes it really laggy, it also only bounces once which was quite disappointing considering the shurikens also bounce, but more than once. Right now I see no reason to use it over the grappling hook, I do hope that the gravity bomb makes a comeback soon as it could work very well with the tinker’s trap abilities.

    • Mines: The new animation looks great, I still don’t really enjoy the fact that my character comes to a full halt. 3 mines on itself isn’t that OP, the problem starts to occur when there’s more tinkers on one team and there’s suddenly 9, 12 or even more mines laying around. might be a good idea to lower the count to 2.

    • Dervish: I don’t like the jump at the start, maybe make her do a backflip instead, or just start the attack at once. I do like the backflip at the end and also the jump after having successfully hit someone.

  • @Xylvion said in [Feedback regarding Abilities as of Build 52101.](/topic/23843/feedback-regarding-abilities-as-of-build-


    I have no idea why you moved slam hog and rock throw from the taurant and to the alchemancer, but there’s probably a good explanation for that, but it’s quite annoying to not have any projectile at all on the class, even though rock throw was slow and easily avoided it was still a good attack. ( @Reithur Taurant tennis )

    Actually I am glad it is gone, it was bugging me that the Taurant was able to conjure up land mines boulders out of thin air. Not having a ranged attack makes the Taurants reliant on team mates to take care of the pesky alchemancer, so more diversity and class specialization. I dont think one class should be able to do “everything”.

  • @Xylvion said in Feedback regarding Abilities as of Build 52101.:

    • Healing Well: Seems to only do one pulse with a low amount of HP, instead it could be lowered even more and have multiple pulses going, it should also be possible to destroy it by melee attacks, perhaps also abilities.

    Completely agree it needs to be longer so the team notices it and becomes useful. Destroying it is a great idea. Iron dome is still very good because of its interrupt ability and range protection.

  • @gregcau @Xylvion You can destroy the healing well; I usually prioritize destroying them when an opponent drops one near me. The health buff it produces is pretty significant and often is enough to bolster your team and allow you to push forward. Use it around a bunch of teammates for best results.

  • @rumpelstiltskin It’s not an ability, it’s the alchemancer firepunch which is his only melee attack.

  • @Xylvion said in Feedback regarding Abilities as of Build 52101.:

    @rumpelstiltskin It’s not an ability, it’s the alchemancer firepunch which is his only melee attack.

    still needs to be changed. imagine fighting 1v2 and alchemancer spamming this stuff behind ur line of vision. Also it doesn’t really look like a melee attack let alone a punch.

  • @rumpelstiltskin I’ll make a threrad about the current alchemancer in the near future and I may have an idea how to make it less spammy, also I believe that it’d be less spammy by the next build either way. And honestly, atm a 1v2 and the alchemancer holding LMB isn’t that fun either, but yes I agree that it has to be changed in one way or another.

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