Bazaar - Level Feedback

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    Game Mode: to_Bazaar (team objective)
    Stage 1

    • Attacker captures points to gain enough progress to unlock the gate to the next stage.
    • Defender could neutralize the points to stop the progress.
    • Attackers have 7 mins to complete this stage, once time’s up, defender wins.

    Stage 2

    • Attacker stay close to the magic bomb to push it to the end to win the match.
    • Defender could stop bomb moving by staying close to it.
    • Attacker has 12 mins to complete this stage, defender wins if time’s up


    • The river docks are much simpler and smaller wooden docks that allow for smaller boats from surrounding communities to retrieve goods and bring them to their communities.
    • The buildings surrounding the markets and warehouses are a mixture of Yemeni architecture (particularly from Sana’a) and ancient Saudi architecture (particularly from Jeddah).

    Please post any thoughts/feedback about the level design/art direction for the level in this thread. Please refrain from posting specific bugs in this thread and direct those to bug reports

  • this one appears to be disabled - I cant admin servertravel TO_Bazaar

    one of my fav maps though as you really feel like you are in the market place and the fight at the end is fun.

  • @gregcau If you check the maplist for this build that I posted, you’ll notice that Bazaar is not included this round. It should be back in next time.

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