Ravine - Level Feedback

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    Game Mode: to_Ravine (team objective)

    Stage 1

    • Capture points to gain enough progress to unlock the seal to the lower stage.
    • Defender could neutralize the points to stop the progress.
    • Attacker has 8 mins to complete this stage, defender wins if time’s up

    Stage 2

    • Attacker picks up the Artifact and drop them in the designated zones for 3 times to win the match.
    • The artifact will be reset after a while once the guy who picks up it being killed.
    • Defender could jump into the designated zones to stop the progress of attacker dropping the artifact.
    • Attacker has 10 mins to complete this stage, defender wins if time’s up


    • This area is a rocky desert that is dotted with the entrances to ancient ruins, and in some places, areas where the ruins have been exposed.
      The interior spaces of the ruins are also in Indian Hindu style with very red stone.These settlements are haphazard and feel a bit like a slum. The architecture of these dwellings is constructed with mud and wood in the style of Bandiagara or traditional Afghan/Pakistani mud homes.

    Please post any thoughts/feedback about the level design/art direction for the level in this thread. Please refrain from posting specific bugs in this thread and direct those to bug reports

  • The only thing i’ve got to add is that the second phase made me drop frames like crazy. Not sure if you want optimization feedback here or not, but ye.

    i5-4670k, Radeon 7950 3GB

  • The main issue I have with the second phase is that it feels that a mini game that has absolutely nothing to do with the map has been inserted.

    The “objective” is really carrying a flag to either A or B. That in itself is immediately confusing since there it doesnt matter if you pick A or B. All you have to do is carry a flag over either to get a “point scored”. 3 points and you win the stage.

    There appears to be no purpose to this. There are no artifacts to steal.

  • @gregcau If it helps, the artifacts are under the seals you’re breaking. We haven’t put in the assets or end-stage effects for those yet (like the bomb cart exploding the gates on Battlegrounds).

  • @Reithur not really, 3 artifacts under A, 3 under B…? You only need 3…artifacts are supposed to be rare.

    It feels just like a game of american football has been inserted.

    If you didnt want to make too many changes, at least have two things to blow up and delivering the bomb breaks either one side or the other side down. So instead of “scoring 3 points” you have to blow up one side 3 times.

    That way if you have 2/3 of one side, the defending team would obviously go defend that - and you can decide whether to start blowing up the other side or trying to score a 3rd explosion on the current side.

    Something like this


    Also change the purple flag icon to a bomb icon, there is no “flag”.

  • I think there’s a lot of open space on the map that’s not being used especially between stage one and two, and even between the spawns on 1 and 2 it’s quite a lot of unused space that actually looks really good. There could easily be another capture objective in between the current objectives for more fast paced action between the teams.

    There could also be a 3rd bomb site somewhere and you’d have to bring it to all 3 instead. The fact that the bomb spawns on one or the other side and it’s somewhat RNG also seems a bit weird, I’d prefer it to spawn slightly further back and be harder to push up to, but have a longer distance between the bomb and the objectives.

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