Sunken City - Level Feedback

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    Game Mode: cp_SunkenCity (control points rotation)

    • Both teams fight to capture a currently active control point. There are three control points on the map, but only one is active at any time.
    • When a control point is captured, it deactivates, and after a 30 seconds delay - the next one in rotation activates.
    • First team to score 7 captures (or having the highest score when match time runs out) wins the match.
    • Each control point proximity area is meant to provide different gameplay environment.

    Game Mode: tdm_SunkenCity (team deathmatch)

    • Classic team deathmatch - get points for killing enemy team players.


    • Sand, dunes and ruins, with irregular architecture shapes and lots of line-of-sight breaking, in the environment which still should feel open.
    • Plenty of traversable obstacles allowing for quick decisions on flanking or hiding from the ranged attacks.

    Please post any thoughts/feedback about the level design/art direction for the level in this thread. Please refrain from posting specific bugs in this thread and direct those to bug reports

  • 30 seconds seems like a long time to wait for the next capture point. If the random spawn times were removed and a consistent say 5 or 8 seconds was used then perhaps that could be reduced. Hard to tell though without playing a proper match.

    This looks quite different know, I love the trees and most of the colors. But the green flourescent things look out of place


    As does the transport, it looks good up here


    But looks too much like a black hole in outerspace down here


  • I really really like this map, it has a very interesting dynamic, with the moving capture points. I especially like how different the capture points are, makes them all very interesting.

    However, it must be announced and hinted at, when the capture point switches. I understand this may be on the to-do list already, but should be implemented sooner rather than later. This way people will be more focused on the objective and we can give more accurate feedback on the dynamics of the level here.

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