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    Game Mode: ctf_SunkenCity (symmetric bomb delivery)

    • Both teams fight to get hold of a carryable “bomb”, which then they try to deploy in designated area near to the enemy team base.
    • The bomb location is always marked on every player’s HUD (i.e. the position of both friendly and enemy flag carrier is always telegraphed to all players).
    • The match plays in rounds. The map resets after each successful bomb delivery, and the first team to win 5 rounds wins the match.
    • The main path between the bomb spawn point and both delivery zones is shorter but also exposed and elevated (plenty of opportunities to fall off or get shot). Alternative routes through the platforms below makes for a longer but also safer route.


    • Docks of an exotic city at a large river side, with an overlooking magical lighthouse.
    • Layered bridges, walkways and platforms over a deadly fall (into VERY cold water).
    • Simple, compact and linear main path with branching secondary loop connections.

    Please post any thoughts/feedback about the level design/art direction for the level in this thread. Please refrain from posting specific bugs in this thread and direct those to bug reports

  • This one looks like a good map, lots of elevation, lots of places to sneak up on players.

  • Not sure if anyone has played this one? The fact there is no time limit seems dangerous - game could go on forever. I think there should probably be some time limit for each map otherwise people will get bored if neither team is scoring enough. So first to 5 (or 3 would be better) but game ends after 20/30 minutes regardless with the highest score the winner (otherwise a draw). If TO is going to be limited in time the other game modes need to be as well to keep the maps moving and games intense.

  • So coming back and exploring this more

    • Lighting is very low, feels too dark, especially in some spots like where the flag is, originally I think this map was daytime which I much prefer
      (fun fact on low settings the moon turns into a full moon)
    • respawning after the flag is delivered seems clunky

    I understand you dont want someone to immediately pick up the flag after it is scored - but that is even for both teams and creates a new strategy (you know you are going to lose the flag so 1 person defends, the other 5 storm where the next flag spawns). That would certainly make the match quicker and more intense.

    • not sure if it would be part of the design but might be useful to be able to drop the flag (in favor of another player behind you)
    • for the middle structure above the flag I badly want to be able to climb on both the inside and the outside (very badly)


  • Lighthouse is a symmetrical CTF style map whose central piece is a lighthouse with connecting docks. Aesthetically this map is very different from the other maps, which helps it stand out. Even the color pallet of the architecture is different (white / blue) instead of pink / black. Visually the only element that I think needs touching up is the moss growing on the edge of the lighthouse, as at a distance it looks like bright green nothing. If there is a way to keep the detail of the moss from further distance this would be really helpful visually, but this is likely not possible.

    The docks need some cover, when team fights occur on these long straight sections there is no cover other than jumping lower, which is not always preferable. One solid piece of cover that can fit at least two players would be good per side.

    My favorite part of the map are the clouds which cast shadows on the ground. Very nice attention to detail.

  • Hey all!

    I just wanted to pop in and say (a very belated) thank you for all the solid feedback! I’m the Artist working on this map and Bartek is the Level Designer.

    @gregcau - I’d love to hear what you think about the lighting issue you had in the previous builds. We had some visual issues in past builds that made our maps even darker than what we planned… this has been fixed :) Please let us know if it’s helped!

    @Gauntlet - Good point on the colour of the Ivy. We have a feature built into our shaders that if the player is further away, it blends into a solid colour. I can change this up in the map so it’s less intense and we’ll see how that looks!

    I can bring up your great idea about adding some smaller cover along the bridges to the level designer (Bartek!) and we’ll see what we can do with that!

    Once again, thanks all for the feedback (and very sorry for the late reply!).

    Hopefully in some of the newer builds coming up, you’ll get to see these changes and more!

    Thanks all!

  • @gregcau - I’d love to hear what you think about the lighting issue you had in the previous builds. We had some visual issues in past builds that made our maps even darker than what we planned… this has been fixed :) Please let us know if it’s helped!

    Yep I saw that, looks fine now.

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