Falcon Ridge - Level Feedback

  • 0_1463685899713_FalconRidge_alpha.jpg

    Game Mode: tdm_FalconRidge (team deathmatch)

    • Traditional team deathmatch


    • Hidden desert canyon on top of a cliff with temples built into the cliffside featuring statues dedicated to an ancient bird god
    • A stream running through the middle of the map where some evidence of a smuggler camp and makeshift bridges can be found.

    Please post any thoughts/feedback about the level design/art direction for the level in this thread. Please refrain from posting specific bugs in this thread and direct those to bug reports

  • This one seems fairly quickly thrown together, looks just like ravine and doesn’t have much in the way of features (little elevation or flanking). Hard to tell without playing it without a team but initially seems like the two teams would just run across a very short open space. I’m not a big fan of TDM in general.

  • @Lucas

    It might be a good idea to combine Falcon Ridge with Ravine. Then you can easily split the map into different sectors for different game modes. Similiar to Ruins and Ruins_large in Chiv.

    You might have one less map on the paper, but no one can claim that it looks just like another map.

  • @SgtHannes I agree, Ravine top would be far better than this map, many more features, elevation etc.

  • Or it could be another TO map if you continue further behind the bashrani spawn inside that temple thingy. Mostly having a capture first and then a push objective, I like the map as it is though, and so far I really have no complaints about it, except that I can’t acess all the eroded stones and ruins/towers in the middle of the map!

  • I find the terrain on this map satisfying to maneuver through, with plenty of flanking routes and it’s open enough to see where players are. I think the only thing that might help with this map and I’m not sure if it’s doable for FPS reasons (as I know level designers often create visual blockers between ‘zones’ in the map so that you’re not rendering the whole area at once), is that the rock in the screenshot below be cut into a plateau so players can stand on top of it (roughly where my crosshair is placed). The section of the map where this screenshot was taken is very secluded from the fighting going on, and I think removing some visual blockers here may benefit the area by opening it up.

    Art design here is kind of boring. Falcon Ridge reminds me of many of the other maps (lots of assets being reused) with some small falcon statues that are unique to it. I’m a firm believer that most maps should have some kind of set piece, like instead of a small falcon statue it’s a large falcon statue that players can do battle on, using the wings as a bridge between the ridges of “Falcon Ridge”. Similarly this goes for all maps in Mirage atm, but all the buildings are reddish pink, which is fine, but it sometimes feels very samey. A simple recolor from pink and black to white and gold (Taj Mahal) or sandstone and bronze might go a long way in making areas feel more distinct.
    There is also a small cave which is feeling like a missed opportunity because there is little foliage / anything of interest, but it’s part of the main aesthetic piece of this map (the long flowing creak which falls into the abyss below). Consider adding some visual fluff or story telling piece to this area:

    To finalize my thoughts and I know it’s because the map is still WIP, but the water needs a gentle flowing sound with more noise intensity near the water falling. Atm there is no ambient sound for the water.

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