NA 2v2 Tournament - Hosted by Vendetta

  • Here are all the relevant details regarding the Mercs NA 2v2 tournament to be held on June 4th and 5th, hosted by Vendetta & friends.

    Map: Moor

    Balance: 50% rule, no projectiles, first person, 100% friendly fire, mercs mod, no pickaxe skin

    Connection: 90 average ping limit, excessive pktloss and/or general lag will be dealt with by refs. If your ping is over the limit you will not play.

    Size: We have started with a maximum of 16 teams, but we will be expanding it if more than 16 teams sign up. We expect to receive more than 16 teams and will likely be targeting 32 teams. The number of teams must be 2x where x is an integer and I don’t think we can hit 64 teams.

    Format: All teams will be randomly assigned to groups of 4. Each team in each group will play eachother once in a Bo5 format. The group stage matches will be played on day 1 (June 4)The top two teams in each group will move onto the playoff stage.

    The playoff stage is a single elimination bracket. #1 seeds will be placed against #2 seeds from other groups for the first round of the playoffs. A standard single elimination bracket will continue up to the final, there will also be a 3rd place match where the two losers of the semis will play for 3rd and 10% of the prize pool. All of these matches will be played on day 2 (June 5) and will be a Bo7.

    Note: we may be changing the groups to Bo3 and the playoffs to Bo5, depending on how many teams we will have signed up.

    Registration: Sign up now There will be no smurfs allowed to sign up for the tournament. You can only play for one team and one team only. If you are caught smurfing then both teams will be disqualified. Note that you can put a fake email for the players if you wish, but the main team email should be real.

    Substitutions: There will be no substitutions, this is 2v2 tournament.

    Roster freeze: Thursday, June 2

    Start times: Matches will be played at scheduled start times. Each team will be given 5 minutes of pause time. There will be a 5 minute grace period before pause time will be taken. If both members aren’t ready after their pause time has expired, they will forfeit the match.

    If both teams forfeit in the group stage, both teams will be awarded 0 points for the match. If both teams forfeit in the playoff stage, they are both disqualified and the team the winner would have played will move on automatically.

    The full schedule will be released after the roster freeze, it will likely be all day Saturday and Sunday beginning at 1 PM EST.

    Server locations: Chicago and Dallas

    Prize Pool: Currently sitting at $220 USD, message for a donation link if you’re interested in donating to the pool. The distribution will be as follows: 1st place 60%, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 10%. Peasant hats will also be awarded to the winners.


    We are still looking for streamers, co-casters, refs and administrators! Please message one of us if you are interested in helping out. We particularly need more refs so if you can and want to do that, please speak up and let us know!

    Potential changes: Keep in mind that any of these rules are subject to change, I will post here if we have decided to change anything.


    Make sure your team captain has both Nathook and Jared added!

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