Regarding Names in Chat and Scoreboard

  • Hello.

    I was testing out dank names for Chivalry (for example: ☎ really is rendered as an old phone in chivalry and is usable as a name), and with the help of Reithur thought a bit about how it should be handled in Mirage.

    I have still yet to test how emoji and webding unicode ranges work in UDK 4.11, and I’m not even sure if those symbols should be prohibited (we can discuss that here).
    I tested all emoji unicode ranges, and found out that only two emojis work: ☎ and ♨.

    But I did think about an unusual scenario that I’ve seen multiple times in the past, in Chivalry. Trolls impersonating as other players.
    When a player joins with the exact same name as the other player, there’s almost no way to differentiate between the two. Said player can act cancerous and against the rules on purpose, then votekick the other player (the victim), confusing the entire server and making that player get wrongly votekicked.

    For that reason and that scenario, I think that when there are two players with the exact same name in the same server, the server should give their names an index suffix of some sort. One that’ll be decided by the player playtime on said server. So if we have two players called Jack, the one who joined first will be Jack (1) and the second will be Jack (2).

    This should prevent most of the trolling scenarios that happened in Chivalry, from happening in Mirage in the future.

  • Developer

    Good idea Mr. Grumps.

    I’ll share this with our engineers!

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