The alchemancer's current attack setup. Build 52101.

  • The firepunch on his stab is a bit too spammy as of right now, same with most of his other attacks. Either way, I have a few ideas about how he can be less of an annoyance, yet not complete shit.
    ( @rumpelstiltskin vid for reference of the current stab spam: )

    First off the attacks on the keys might have to be swapped around slightly, and some twweaks to some of the animations. First off the animation for firepunch could stay, but not as a firepunch:

    • Scrolling up/Stab:
      What? It would have the same animation as firepunch does now, with slightly longer recovery unless you combo to another attack. However instead of being a melee attack, it could throw the fireballs that you currently throw when you hold down LMB.
      Why? It would make the projectile spam happen less frequently, as you suddenly can’t combo two fireballs in a row, it also looks like he’s really focusing his energy to release said fireball, almost similar to hadouken.

    • LMB/Slash:
      What? Now this would mean that LMB no longer has the projectile spam, so what could be done about it? well, considering lmb is the key most people use for melee, why not have melee on it. This way the Alchemancer could have two different directions for melee attacks, both regular lmb and alt LMB, which would mean he’d have less options, but at least a couple instead of just the one. I would imagine him focusing his djinn to create arms for him used to punch the enemy, the fact that they’re magic would mean that no weapon is required while also having longer and visible range for the defender. The current lmb projectile animations could stay as they are or have minor tweaks to them. (Reference picture of how it would look below.)
      alt text
      alt text
      Why? Right now I think he’s lacking in melee, sure he’s not supposed to be too strong in it, considering he’s a ranged class, however he should be able to have a couple of options being able to drag his melee attacks slightly. Also making it harder to chain two projectiles in a row would lower the projectile spam considering there’s also projectile abilities flying around all over the map. Even if they will be interractable and can be reflected by hitting them I think it would be better to have them moved to stab, and not comboable, and have the melee stay on lmb while being possible to combo.

    • Scrolling down/Overhead:
      What? I’m not a fan of yet another projectile, even though the use of two together are quite neat. Instead I could imagine either a third attack with the fists mentioned above, perhaps a fist just slamming down into the ground, which would also be dragable obviously. A second option would be to introduce forcepush to scroll down instead.
      Why? Again there will be a lot of projectiles flying around the map in a 6v6, or even a 5v5 that we played yesterday. Having a second type of melee attack or forcepush on the last key would help lower the amount of projectiles on the field while also giving the alchemancer some melee capabilities.

    • RMB/Parry:
      What? Right now the parry looks sort of weak, just the alchemancer holding his arm up, I assume this is a placeholder as his parry is a new feature and the animator has yet to get around adding something more interesting to it. I would suggest something similar to the way distortion field looked when tinker had it, just a magical disk attached to the arm acting as a shield. basically something similar to the protective ward in skyrim.
      alt text
      Why? Because the alchemancer is a mage and his character doesn’t seem that physically strong so using magic even at close range would make more sense.

    As a class the alchemancer more or less already has the strongest ranged abilities and he doesn’t need to be able to spam projectiles with his attack buttons that often, if it turns out he can’t fire off projectiles fast enough, his abilities cooldowns could be shortened slightly. However I think it may be a good idea to not focus too much on range attacks for any class as you can’t really tell if an alchemancer 30 meters behind you starts to attack you until you first get hit. If he hits you with one attack, or if you parry one attack, you have to parry the next and the next and the next after that, and it becomes a bit tedious after a while, hence why I want the ranged attack to be moved to the stab and make it a non-combo-able attack, even if it’s been toned down you can’t fight an alchemancer and another opponent at the same time as you’re stuck in parry due to the alchemancer. I think this could help spice up the alchemancer class and make it far more interesting to use.

    Either way, I would like to hear other opinions on the subject!

  • @Xylvion

    These sound like good ideas.
    I want to stress though that even if projectiles shouldn’t be comboable, it should be possible to combo his melee from a projectile throw so that the alchemancer can combo a force push or a melee attack if someone teleports, holostabs, etc. to his close vicinity.

    If projectiles are going to be seamlessly blended in with melee attacks in Mirage, then even the alchemancer should have a decent ability to defend himself and fight in melee. The main difference should probably be that the alchemancer will not deal a lot of damage at all with his melee attacks.

  • @MrGrumps Oh yes, defo that he should be able to combo other attacks off of the projectile - or before - for sure, just that he can’t combo two ranged attacks in a row.

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