Dedicated Server Questions - Mods, Target Arguments, Run as a Service (No GUI)

  • I have been searching around for days just to find valid information on setting up a dedicated server without Steam client being installed, I have used SteamCMD to accomplish this and finally got my server up and running using basic information that everyone seems to be using.

    My problem comes from several questions to which my Google-Fu has been unable to help me locate an answer to. I will list them below and I hope that someone is able to provide information and/or links to help me understand these items.

    1. Is there a command line (Target argument in the shortcut area) that can be used to suppress the command prompt window so I can run the game as a service?

    2. Is there a list of arguments that can be added to the target of the shortcut?

    3. How do I add mods to the server, where do a find these mods etc?

  • Hey mate,

    Console is by default for chiv(and many other games). Don’t think it can be turned off.
    Doesn’t mean you can’t make it a service yourself though! Am sure there are tools out there for this.

    Commandline parameters; there are a few. Some more info can be found here:

    And here is your mod question answered!

    Anymore questions; just let me know.
    I am pretty bad at giving general information. But specific questions are my forte.

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