Such an amazing has potential for a next step.

  • Hello,

    First of all i will say that this would be a pretty ambitious project. I did played to similar games than this, but this is by very far the game with better potential i noticed. I used to play mount & blade offline, which was good fun with such a big mod community, but when “warband” came i just played a couple of hours before not touching it again.

    This game was inmersive since minute 1.Because of graphics, gameplay, gore…etc. i think an offline campaign(something generic, you know, make a couple of towns and cities) and give you options to build your kingdom, play diplomacy etc. would be really awesome. It is seriously one of the most entertaining games i have played (even i am more keen on rts games), and i do have play a lot of them!
    I would really pay for a map conquer mode(offline) in this game!

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