Regarding attacks as of build 52101.

  • Attacks in general miss more often than they should, for example if I see a person standing right next to me I can’t hit them by using lmb, apperently they’re outside the damage dealing area of my “sphere” - what I will call the area where the weapon may end up around me - which is confusing as you’d think you’d hit the person even though you don’t. Currently the sphere seems to have a small area where attacks actually connects, be it with walls, pillars, floors, or other players. (Red area = connection)
    This is far from optimal considering:

    • People standing beside you, even while using lower fov, will not get hit by your attacks unless you turn towards them.
    • Attacks phasing through obstacles might increase the flow of the battle for whoever originates the attacks, but looks strange for enemies who are supposed to parry the incoming attack which they barely can notice as it’s phasing through a wall.
    • You seem to be able to use this to go behind the parrybox for the moment being, which is a major problem. (This is something Gauntlet mentioned and I take his word for it.)

    This could most likely be fixed by making the active attack circle larger, however keeping it below a certain threshold as to not allow backswings. During the release phase it should connect with obstacles other than players; while also making it possible for others to parry the full swing, even outside the red area of the sphere. (I thought this was possible in previous builds - and should still be possible - but I may be wrong about that)

  • I think there will be a period of adjustment but it’s not too bad. You can still accelerate a swing attack in Mirage, and the swinging behind parry box thing isn’t a fault of the reduced damaging tracer window, but rather the parry box being too far forward to catch the tracers coming from behind it when coupled with the recently added lean back feature. Also some animations lend themselves to wrapping behind the parry box (Entropist swing attack is amazing at ignoring the parry volume).

    It becomes a larger issue with higher FOV because the player sees the swing clip through an enemy without detection. At 120 fov aiming at just the corners of my vision seems to be where the hit connects.

  • Developer

    All melee swing arcs have been increased and have a consistent start/end location, a few were at what image was showing or would start in a good place but end too early but they have all been adjusted now.

    Hitting obstacles is intentionally delayed as hitting a world object offscreen is very confusing (damage tracers start earlier than world hit tracers).

    Will be ready to focus more on tweaking/testing the ability to get around parry boxes next build

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